Zanotta deems quality as important as design, placing the concept of quality as the cornerstone of its production policy since the company’s foundation. Precious materials and finishing, functionality, comfort, focus on detail, duration and safety have always been the distinctive marks of all products in Zanotta’s collection.

Quality at Zanotta also stands for research, innovation, organisation, product control prior to release on the market, service, punctuality, credibility, reliability and after-sale customer care.

For many years Zanotta has constantly subjected its products to the strictest international tests and controls. Furthermore, Zanotta’s manufacturing structure complies with the guidelines of the latest standards regarding corporate quality assurance systems.

The company's commitment to quality is complex as it is underpinned by focus on guaranteeing long-term product quality. As a matter of fact, Zanotta’s corporate philosophy centres on providing products that preserve initial quality standards without changes for years to come. Zanotta’s product must meet customer requirements both when it is delivered and over the years, during daily use, by proving to be strong, reliable, functional, easy to maintain, hard to deteriorate, ecocompatible and recyclable.

The company's worldwide sales network demands ongoing product adaptation to the evolving requirements of international technical standards. The valuable know-how acquired in the regulatory field (since 1990 Zanotta has been a member of both Italian and international standardisation institutes) enables Zanotta to create products that meet regulations enforced in different countries in terms of fire safety, environment-friendly features, consumer protection, ergonomics, resistance and duration.

The high quality standards of Zanotta products ensure their successful use in all situations that require furniture items to possess both aesthetic values and the capacity to stand intensive, demanding use. Hence the choice of highly appreciated Zanotta fittings for public venues - cafés, restaurants, hotels, offices, professional firms, ships, airports and railway stations - besides domestic interiors.