4 Images
Milan / Zanotta is partner of the Elle Decor Apartment

Some of the iconic pieces as well as the latest ones from Zanotta collection have been selected to represent the value and the specific features of Plus apartments within the circuit of Airbnb, in the project called The Apartment: a new setting created with the collaboration between Elle Décor Italy and Airbnb.
The project is by the architects of DWA Design Studio who involved some players from the world of design, technology and entertainment in order to create a setting where all furniture, lighting, objects, drawings and photographs make the design of this home a unique place, quite recognizable.
Zanotta has contributed with the following products: Quaderna table, Cumano folding small tables, Elipse and Fenis chairs, Louise armchair, Servomuto service tables, Ido stools, Museo hat-racks.
The Apartment – located in via Vivaio 22 in Milan from November 30th to December 3rd – will host a programme of meetings and talks. The Apartment #AirbnbPlusbyElleDecor Concept by Elle Decor Italia for Airbnb Plus A project by DWA Design Studio Photo courtesy: Alberto Strada

5 Images
Barcelona / The exhibition "achillecastiglioni100th" at the showroom Minim

On November 28th the exhibition “Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th” has been opened at Minim showroom. Some of his most renowned projects are on show, produced in cooperation with Zanotta: Allunaggio - design Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1965) Basello - design Achille Castiglioni (1987) Joy - design Achille Castiglioni (1989) Mezzadro - design Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1957) Cumano - design Achille Castiglioni (1978) Sella - design Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1957) Primate - design Achille Castiglioni (1970) Albero - design Achille Castiglioni (1983) Servomuto (1974); Servomanto (1985) Servonotte, Servietto (1986) - design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni. Giovanna Castiglioni, Achille’s daughter and Vice-President of Castiglioni Foundation, attended the opening, explaining the stories and curiosities behind her father’s timeless projects. The exhibition is open until January 5th, 2019.

5 Images
Shanghai / Zanotta: Salone del Mobile.MilanoShanghai 2018

Zanotta, leading firm for Italian design and interpreter of contemporary taste, attends the Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai for the first time showing furnishing solutions which best represent Made in Italy. This event in the city symbolizing the Chinese market and culture has reached its third edition and is considered by trade professionals and interior designers an essential and synergic appointment fundamental to spread design throughout Asia. Zanotta: Salone del Mobile.Milano Shanghai 2018 November 22 to 24 | 10 am – 6 pm Pav. Eastern n°1 - Booth ES25 (second floor) Sec - Shanghai Exhibition Center

1 Images
Milan / Louise awarded with Archiproducts Design Awards

Zanotta is proud to announce that the Louise armchair, designed by Philippe Nigro, has been awarded with Archiproducts Design Awards, selected by a panel of 40 judges coming from the world of design and interior decoration.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta and Salvioni pay homage to the city of Milan with Interno Milanese

Starting November 15th, 2018 until the end of January 2019 the event Interno Milanese will be displayed at the showroom Salvioni Milano Durini in via Durini 3, an exhibition and cultural project conceived by Zanotta and Salvioni. This project arises with the intention to recreate the atmosphere of a typical Milanese apartment, using some decoration elements and furniture pieces which contributed to make the story of design and lifestyle, either historical pieces and contemporary proposals in a brand-new setting. With Interno Milanese Zanotta and Salvioni wanted to share their vision, suggesting a way to look into the houses, reminding languages and functions that express an urban taste and – at the same time – represent the contemporary urban living spaces, suggesting possible solutions for tomorrow. And from the inside you can look outside, through the illustrations by Carlo Stanga taken from the book I am Milan edited by Moleskine. The opening - on invitation – took place on November 15th at 6,00 pm, the exact time for the happy hour. The drinks will be prepared by Maurizio Stocchetto from Bar Basso, a Milanese historical spot where the Negroni Sbagliato cocktail was invented, which has become the meeting place for design fans over the years: a Milanese touch that could not miss to give the event a special taste.

1 Images
London / Home Futures. 7 November 2018 - 24 March 2019

The exhibition Home Futures explores today’s home through the prism of yesterday’s imagination, questioning if we are living in the way that pioneering designers and architects of the last century predicted.
Through a setting with 6 key themes (smart living – living on the move – living self-sufficiently – living with less – living together – other dreams of home) feelings of comfort and challenges of the notion of privacy are evoked as the visitor explores the exhibition path.
Zanotta participates with the Quaderna table by Superstudio, example of radical architecture from the Seventies.
The exhibition is open to visit until March 24, 2019 at:
The Design Museum
224-238 Kensington High Street

1 Images
Milan / October 6th. La Triennale celebrates the centennial from Achille Castiglioni's birth, dedicating him a major monographic exhibition

La Triennale dedicates to Achille Castiglioni the monographic exhibition “A Castiglioni”, curated by Patricia Urquiola in collaboration with Federica Sala. The exhibition analyses the Castiglioni’s work across the board, ranging from design to architecture, to display installations and exhibitions. Zanotta with its products, the result of a prolific personal and professional relationship started in 1964 with Achille and Pier Giacomo, will be an integral part of the exhibition. Many products belonging to the Zanotta collection are on show: Primate kneeling stool (design Achille Castiglioni, 1970) Allunaggio stool for outdoors (design Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1965) Joy rotating shelf unit (design Achille Castiglioni, 1989) Imperiale chair (design Achille Castiglioni, 1983) Cumano folding table (design Achille Castiglioni, 1978) Albero flowerpot stand (design Achille Castiglioni, 1983) Servomanto clothes stand (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1985) Servotutto object stand (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1986) Servietto towel-rack (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1986) Servomuto service table (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1974) Servostop partition system (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1984) Servino bottle stand (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1987) Servolibro book stand (design Achille Castiglioni of the range Servi by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, 1985) Exhibition “A Castiglioni” Palazzo della Triennale From October 6, 2018 to January 20, 2019

1 Images
Milan / A design parade to celebrate Achille Castiglioni, September 25 at Palazzo Pirelli.

The celebration of the centennial of Achille Castiglioni’s birth still continue. On Tuesday, September 25 at the Belvedere, 31st floor of the Palazzo Pirelli in Milan will be remembered the figure, the works and projects of the great Master of Italian Design through a parade of objects that received and have been selected for the Compasso d'Oro Award.

4 Images
Seoul / Luna Park. The Design island from July 27 to November 6, 2018

Luna Park. The Design Island. Is an exhibition conceived for children but also for adults, offering a playful vision of author’s design.
It is neither educational nor pedagogical. It is magical as fairy tales are. A path dotted by surprises and curious objects, some anthropomorphic, zoomorphic, coloured, soft, hairy, modular and demountable, tilting, rotating…Functional products designed by international renowned designers together with first-rank companies, able to become furniture pieces and complements with a playful touch.
Zanotta was selected as Italian excellence to represent the world of design for kids with two iconic products: the Sacco easy chair by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro, a cathartic concept and not a shape, the most informal padded seat, the most versatile, irreverent, freest and softer than ever that allows children to smile and have fun while seating; and Allunaggio the seat designed by the Castiglioni brothers landed from another planet, an ironic and playful object that has no comparison in the history of design.

3 Images
Ancona / Zanotta at Festival WeekenDoit 18-22 July

Zanotta, in collaboration with the festival Weekendoit and the showroom Contemporaneo has promoted a contest of ideas involving a selection of professional Italian illustrators for realizing 4 new coverings for the Sacco’s 50th anniversary. This initiative aims to underline once more the pop aspect that has been featuring this design icon since 1968 when it was conceived.
Weekendoit is the first festival in Italy dedicated to sharing and learning the artisanal, traditional and ground-breaking techniques. The event, now in its fifth edition, is held within the building of Mole Vanvitelliana in Ancona and encourages the values of handmade culture and the design, proposing to shorten the gap among the audience, craftsmanship and companies thanks to a broad programme of workshops, both practical and theoretical, laboratories, market, events, shows, formation and network.
Here are the selected illustrators to design the new covering for the Sacco easy chairs:
Raffaele Primitivo with the pattern “love flaming”
Ilaria Faccioli with the pattern “afro black/white”
Enrica Mannari with the pattern “clip art”
Antonio Colomboni with the pattern “fishes”

The Saccos will be displayed for the duration of the festival (July 18 to 22) in the Hall of Auditorium Tamburi at Mole Vanvitelliana, in the showroom Contemporaneo in Piazza del Papa Ancona, then will leave to Milan where they will be showcased at the Zanotta showroom.

1 Images
Isle-sur-la-Sorgue / The RBC showroom pays tribute to Achille Castiglioni's centennial with the exhibition "Lumière sur Achille Castiglioni"

The celebration of the centennial from Achille Castiglioni’s birth continues in France at our RBC dealer in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, who in collaboration with Zanotta pays tribute to the Maestro with the exhibition "Lumière sur Achille Castiglioni" from 28 June as of 31st August 2018. RBC Isle-sur-la-Sorgue 9 Avenue de la Libération, 84800 L’Isle-sur-la-Sorgue Opening: 28 June from 7.00 pm

4 Images
Beijing. / Today opens the BIFF fair dedicated to home Design.

At the China International Exhibition Center opens today the event dedicated to Home Design, where the major furniture companies, both Chinese and foreign, exhibit the best of their collections and suggest new market trends. Zanotta is at Pav. W1 Booth C03, through its commercial partner Mega Home, with a setting explaining more than 60 years of the company’s history and with focus on the Scott sofa, Maggiolina and Ardea armchairs, Ruben bed and the Reale table among others.
Come and visit us until June 17, 2018.

1 Images
Milan / 18 June 2018. Paolo Lomazzi from the DDL Studio attends the second talk dedicated to 1968 at the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema

The exhibition "68. Objects and projects for a new world ", set up on the occasion of the Design Week at the Anteo Palazzo del Cinema in Milan, was a great success and has been extended until June 26th. In June, the Cinema Anteo makes a film festival dedicated to the year 1968, preceded by an in-depth talk involving characters from the design world. The first event took place on Monday 11 June, the second - from the theme "Freedom, informal living, objects and less bourgeois houses" - is scheduled for June 18 and will involve Paolo Lomazzi, the designer who, together with De Pas and D'Urbino, designed some of the icons in the Zanotta catalogue, such as the Sciangai clothes stand, the Milano sofa, the Blow inflatable armchair .. At the end of the talk, the Kubrick's film Arancia Meccanica will be screened.

1 Images
Chicago / Luminaire celebrate the centenary of Achille Castiglioni's birth.

The celebration of the centennial from Achille Castiglioni’s birth has landed in the United States.
During NeoCon 2018, Chicago, the celebrating exhibition of Achille Castiglioni’s centenary comes to life at Luminaire showroom, which continues its commitment to bring contemporary design to the public.
On June 12th, the opening reception of this exhibition will take place, to explore the creative process of the great Master, thanks to its pieces that contributed to spread the Italian Design in the world.

4 Images
Thun / The exhibition "Achille Castiglioni 100th" opened yesterday.

To celebrate the centennial from the Master’s birth, the exhibition “Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th” opened yesterday at the Konzephalle 6.
Another important step in the 2018 celebrations that are paying homage to the genius Achille and his special relationship with Zanotta, which still has in its collection, a large number of emblematic products that are also displayed in the setting.
Wanted and organized by DasKonzept, our important Swiss partner, the event hosted Giuliano Mosconi, president of Zanotta and Tecno as a speaker, who lead the guests to discover the Master and explained his vision in re-interpreting the Zanotta and Tecno mutual project, which more and more welcomes the demands of the new “consum-authors”.

4 Images
Paris / The Silvera showroom pays tribute to Achille Castiglioni's centennial.

On May 31st the exhibition “Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th” was opened at Silvera Bastille showroom, with a setting dedicated to the Master’s iconic products made in cooperation with Zanotta will be on show until June 8th.
We remember among the others: Alberto plant stand (reissue 2018), the Cumano folding table, the Sella rocking seat, the Leonardo table, the Allunaggio seat and a selection of the range Servi accessories.
Carlo Castiglioni, Achille’s son and President of Castiglioni Foundation, attended the opening, explaining the stories and curiosities behind his father’s timeless projects.
The exhibition is open until June 8th.

4 Images
Firenze / The centennial from the birth of Achille Castiglioni is celebrated at Le Murate and at Self Habitat.

The Tuscan main town celebrates Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday, with a special setting at the Self Habitat showroom and with an appointment of the cycle “Lessons of Design” completely dedicated to the great Milanese architect, at the space “Le Murate Progetti Arte e Cultura”.
On May 31st, in the presence of Valentina Gensini (art director at Le Murate), of Vanni Pasca (historian of Design) and of Giuliano Mosconi (President of Zanotta and Tecno), the event is organized by the association Self Habitat Cultura.
Some of the most renowned projects by the Italian designer, made in collaboration with Zanotta, are on show: Allunaggio, the seat that “landed” from another planet, the rotating shelf-unit Joy, the Leonardo working table and the Albero, ironic plant stand.

7 Images
Bergamo / An installation and a puzzle to pay homage to Achille Castiglioni’s hundred years.

The event Il Legno dalla natura alle cose pays homage to the centenary of the Master with an installation entitled “100 Achille Castiglioni playing with design and wood” made up of big wooden silhouettes reproducing the cult-objects designed by Castiglioni (Cumano, Leonardo, Albero, Joy, Primate).
This initiative also includes a puzzle made of wood, where 11 icons manufactured by various design companies are depicted, including Zanotta that still has many projects in collection designed by the great Milanese architect.
The path with the silhouettes will lie in the streets of Bergamo city, from 30th May to 6th September.

1 Images
New York / The Elipse chair won the NYCxDesign Award 2018

During the NYC Design Week the award ceremony of NYCxDesign Award took place at Pier 17 of South Street Seaport. We are very proud that our Elipse chair, designed by Patrick Jouin and launched at 2018 Milan Furniture Fair, was the winner of category Seating: Contract: Guest, awarded by an expert panel, in cooperation with Interior Design magazine.

1 Images
Chiasso. / The exhibition “Achille Castiglioni (1918-2002) visionario. L’alfabeto allestitivo di un designer regista” opens on May 31st at M.A.X. Museum in Chiasso (Switzerland).

The celebrations for Achille Castiglioni’s centenary also go on outside the Italian borders.
The M.A.X. Museum in Chiasso celebrates the visionary architect with a show where sketches, models, video-presentations and original objects that highlight the perfect combination of simplicity and irony which have characterized the depth of his ideas and ability to build spaces in collaboration with the graphic designers, particularly the Swiss Max Huber.
For Zanotta, the company which the architect Castiglioni worked for various decades with, some pieces of the Servi collection, the stool Mezzadro and the rocking seat Sella are displayed.

3 Images
Bern. / Exhibition AchilleCastiglioni100th at the showroom Zona.

Another stage of the travelling exhibition "AchilleCastiglioni100th" organized by showroom Zona that, during the initiative LOUBE CHEHR, will set up the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Achille Castiglioni.
A selection of the icons designed by the Master will be on show: the stools Mezzadro and Sella, the small tables Cumano and Servomuto, the rotating shelf unit Joy, the flowerpot holder Albero re-edited by Zanotta this year.
We will welcome you on May 4 and 5!

1 Images
Milan. / The brand new armchair Louise awarded by “Stylepark Selected Salone 2018”

The graphic silhouette of the armchair Louise, expressed in the assembling of joint wood components, has struck and convinced the jury of Stylepark that has rewarded it including in the 29 selected products to represent the new trends of furnishing market.
“Stylepark selected Salone 2018” is a prize that picks out an overview of the most innovative projects among the proposals by the exhibiting companies at Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
The competition has covered all the market typologies and the selected products range from tables, sofas, chairs, kitchens to bath accessories.
“Basi examples of contemporary design and technical innovation. Products with good chances to impact the development of design in the nearest future.”

6 Images
Ancona. / Zanotta: Achille Castiglioni 100th

In the year of Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday Zanotta pays homage to the famous architect and designer with an exhibition dedicated to him, inspired by the setup of the historic travelling exhibition “Alla Castiglioni” 1995-1998.
Some of his most renowned projects will be on show, produced in cooperation with Zanotta.
After the inauguration of the exhibition at Museo della Città – via Buoncompagno – the new Zanotta space at Contemporaneo showroom will be opened.

We will wait for you from April 14 to 22
Opening times 10,30 am to 12,30 pm / 4,00 to 8,00 pm

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at Salone del Mobile from April 17 to 22, 2018

From 17 to 22 April next, Zanotta will exhibit at the 57th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. A meeting of international appeal, where the best design and furniture products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world. We wait for you at Pav. 16 - Stand A23 B16

1 Images
Milan. / 11th Edition Triennale Design Museum - Storie. Il Design italiano

The eleventh edition of Triennale Design Museum stages a selection of 180 works, produced between 1902 and 1998 and divided in 5 subject areas. Many of Zanotta’s products, being part of the permanent collection of Italian Design at Triennale, have been selected for this set-up.

14 April 2018 to 20 January 2019
La Triennale di Milano | Viale Alemagna 6

1 Images
Milan. / Setup "Unduetrestella Design Week: Now, Now, and Now!"

The project dedicated to children turns ten years old: the exhibition is divided into different thematic areas and presents products and creative research of selected brand partners. Zanotta participates in the set-up with Sacco, one of the most fun and entertaining objects that changed the imagery of the seat.

17 to 22 April
Fabbrica del Vapore | Via G.C. Procaccini 4

2 Images
Milan. / Setup Elle Decor Onlife Living Generations

A multimedia project that describes the ways of living of new generations today and in the nearest future. The exhibition moves from a sociological analysis that integrates the latest technologies and develops the interior choices of 4 generational clusters.
Two best-selling seats by Zanotta, Sacco and Sella, have been selected as interpreters of the needs, preferences and lifestyles of the new generations.

16 to 29 April
Palazzo Bovara | Corso Venezia 51

3 Images
Milan. / Exhibition "68 Oggetti e progetti per un nuovo mondo"

At Anteo palace the year 1968 will be on stage, with some of the most iconic design products designed between 1965 and 1975, accompanied by a selection of photographic images and famous sentences to recreate the cultural and political environment of those years. A review of films, documentaries and historical videos.
Zanotta tells the story of 1968 with the Sacco easy chair, the Sciangai clothes-stand, the Quaderna console and bench, and a photographic contribution of the Blow armchair.

16 April to 16 June
Opening 16 April | h.8,00 pm
Anteo Palazzo del Cinema | Piazza XXV Aprile 8

3 Images
Milan. / Exhibition "Carlo Mollino's magical eye" at Woolrich Flagship store

Woolrich presents a path of research and contamination of genres, where fashion, design and photography are integrated, paying homage to Carlo Mollino.
Inside the Woolrich store is set up, exclusively for the city of Milan, a selection of photographs taken from the great anthological show "The magical eye of Carlo Mollino. Photographs 1934-1973 ", underway in Turin at CAMERA, the Italian Center for Photography.
To confirm the eclecticism of Carlo Mollino, Zanotta showcases the tables Arabesco, Reale and Cavour, which represent three of the most important projects of the architect in the Zanotta catalogue.

17 to 22 April
Cocktail 18 April | h. 6:30 - 8:30 pm
Corso Venezia, 3 Woolrich Flagship Store | Corso Venezia 3

1 Images
Milan. / Exhibition "De Rerum Natura - Un progetto per la simbiosi felice"

Man in nature, nature in man: this subject is explored through an exhibition path, research and projects, accompanied by scheduled meetings and workshops.
Zanotta participates with the Mezzadro stool: the simple tractor seat, which entered our homes and the museums worldwide thanks to the genial Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, is perfectly set in an evocative scenery, made by modular panels with plants that filter pollution and indoor noise.

13 to 22 April
Cascina Cuccagna | Via Cuccagna 2/4 ang. via Muratori

2 Images
Milan / Exhibition "Design Answers"

This initiative calls for reflection on the founding values of design through the questions put forward by young designers, which find possible answers in the products awarded by ADI since the birth of the Association, products that demonstrate how design can contribute to improving everyday life.
Zanotta is one of the selected companies with the Tonietta chair and the Sciangai clothes-stand, both awarded with the Compasso d’Oro.

17 to 22 April
Belvedere di Palazzo Lombardia – Entrance N1 | Piazza Città di Lombardia 1

4 Images
Sydney / Cult celebrate 20 years of design in Sydney.

Whilst celebrating the 20 years of activity, our partner Cult present the new space dedicated to Zanotta collection, of which we are pleased to share some images (credits Fiona Susanto).
We look forward to seeing you there!

21-23 Levey Street
Sydney, 2008

4 Images
Brussels / Italian Design Day 1 March 2018

The Italian Institute of Culture dedicates the international day of Italian Design to Achille Castiglioni, among the most beloved Italian designers, who shall be celebrated by an active dialogue between two outstanding speakers: Matteo Ragni (designer) and Giovanna Castiglioni, Achille’s daughter, of whom we celebrate the 100th anniversary since his birth this year.
Zanotta in collaboration with Design Oostende, its important dealer in Oostende, support the meeting by furnishing the stage with a small setting including the products designed by the Castiglioni brothers: Mezzadro and Sella (by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni) and Cumano (by Achille Castiglioni).
We will wait for you on March 1 at 7.00 pm
Istituto Italiano di Cultura
38 Rue de Livourne

1 Images
Milan / Event Zanotta: AchilleCastiglioni100th | Milano, 21 febbraio h 18/21

In the year of Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday Zanotta wants to pay tribute to the Master and recall the relationship between the designer and the company. On February 21st from 6 to 9 pm, at the Former Excise Buildings (Porta Garibaldi) Zanotta starts the celebrations, setting up a special showcase to display the new re-editions and iconic projects. Throughout 2018 a series of Zanotta events all around the world will continue the tribute to this important anniversary.

4 Images
Kiev / Zanotta and Dominio together at the exhibition Interior Mebel in Kiev from February 7th to 10th, 2018

Zanotta attends, for the second successive year, the Interior Mebel Fair in Kiev together with Dominio, the exclusive dealer for the city of Kiev since 2016. Zanotta participates with a modern setting, which combines the most recent production pieces with the historical products of the collection, for example: the Flamingo sofa (design Damian Williamson, 2017) and the Tweed table (design Garcia Cumini, 2017), the Tonietta chair (design Enzo Mari, 1985) and the Cavour desk (homage to Carlo Mollino, 1949).
The Interior Mebel Fair, now in its seventh annual edition, is in fact considered by trade operators, interior designers, companies and retailers, the essential event and the opportunity to show the market trends, the most innovative projects and new collections. The large attendance of prestigious International brands makes Interior Mebel the best interior design fair in Ukraine.
We are looking forward to see you at 2018 Interior Mebel!
Zanotta c/o Dominio Pav. 3 – Booth 3/5-42 7 – 10 February IEC – Kiev International Exhibition Center Kiev, 02660 15 Brovarskoy Ave

7 Images
Moscow / Opening of Zanotta corner at Populuxe

We are pleased to announce the opening of the new Zanotta corner at the showroom Populuxe in Moscow. For this occasion an inauguration cocktail was organized, attended by numerous architects, journalists and professionals.

5 Images
Singapore / Opening of Zanotta showroom at W Atelier in Bukit Timah road

We are pleased to share the images of the preview of Zanotta collection at the renewed W Atelier showroom in Singapore, 75 Bukit Timah road.
We look forward to seeing you!

3 Images
Seoul / New temporary showroom Zanotta in South Korea

Zanotta consolidates its presence in South Korea and after the opening of the monobrand store in Seoul, they inaugurate the second temporary showroom at I’Park Mall with Shinmyoung Industrial Co. Ltd. An important collaboration with a partner by vast experience in the furnishing sector. Zanotta @ i-Park in Youngsan, South Korea

4 Images
Lyon / Zanotta consolidates its presence in France and celebrates the new partnership with RBC Lyon attending their charity initiative with enthusiasm

On December 14th, RBC LYON will showcase a special collection of 23 Sacco easy-chairs, covered with exclusive fabrics by MISSONI HOME and DEDAR. The Sacco in limited edition will be on sale at the Lyon's showroom from mid-December until the end of January 2018. Part of the profits will be donated to the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Auteuil Apprentice Foundation to support their OPEN BOX project. A unique opportunity to combine design, luxury and charity.

1 Images
Milan / Sciangai on display with Esselunga

The adventure of the first supermarket is celebrated by the exhibition that The Mall dedicates to the 60th anniversary of Esselunga (Lina Bo Bardi square in Milan) from November 29th to January 6th, 2018 together with the best of Made in Italy (among food, music, design, home). In the setting dedicated to the “Seventies” we also find Sciangai – the mythical clothes-stand designed by De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi and manufactured by Zanotta since 1973, that takes its name from the wooden sticks game reminding its shape.

1 Images
Singapore / The Zanotta collection is exclusively displayed at W Atelier - Singapore

“Italian Affair” is the title of the presentation preview of Zanotta collection, now available at the renovated showroom W Atelier in 201 Henderson road #01-01, Singapore.
The event shall be supported by a cocktail taking place on Wednesday October 11th, upon invitation, starting from 7,00 pm. A unique occasion to join good design with wine tasting.
We look forward to seeing you!

7 Images
Milan / Tecno presents "Zanotta: Stories", a story about contemporary spaces and ways of living, running at the Former Porta Garibaldi Excise Buildings in Milan from 5th October

The exhibition “Zanotta: Stories” is a virtual home, inhabited by global citizens who represent the most current lifestyles. They are urban farmers, new nomads, digital creative professionals, hyper-connected people who are always on the move, often using alternative means to navigate cities, the web and society. In an exhibition that unfolds room by room, Zanotta products come to life to accompany the stories and everyday lives of the personalities, forming the domestic backdrop to their various different lifestyles. Exploring the evocative, emotionally engaging exhibition, which looks onto the piazza, visitors will be able to identify with their own relationship with memory, food, technology, history, love and the future.

1 Images
Cantù / The Sacco chair and the Mezzadro stool play together with the children in the exhibition "Bella Scoperta!" in Cantù

From September 23 to October 8, 2017, on the occasion of the fifth edition of the Wood Festival of Cantù, will be organized the exhibition "Bella Scoperta! That is ... how to find out: the object with which you play, which you use every day to cook, where you sit on ... is a design object. " The small exhibition, hosted in the renowned Villa Calvi, aims to be a mean for approaching children to the design world, an initial input to stimulate creativity and bring them to focus on the shapes and functions of the objects, trying to stimulate their curiosity, interest and emotions. Our Sacco armchair and Mezzadro stool will be among the protagonists of the show: two ironic and playful products, but above all two indisputable icons of Italian Design.

1 Images
Verona / Zanotta attends the exhibition "The Bike Connection" from September 16th to 30th in Verona

Sella seats, designed by the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957, will be part of the exhibition "The Bike Connection" at the Studio La Città in Verona, from the 16th to the 30th of September. In addition to celebrating the bicycle - which this year marks the 200 anniversary since its invention – the initiative aims to highlight how the bicycle, by a simple means of transport, has become more and more a lifestyle that involves different fields, including art. The Bike Connection is an integrated exhibition project realized by the collaboration of the Studio La Città Gallery in Verona, the bicycle producer Dario Pegoretti and the historic firm Brooks England, which has always been Zanotta's supplier of the saddles of his famous stool.

1 Images
Paris. / Sacco and Tod celebrate the French tricolour!

A concept by Michela Codutti and Vincent Insinga, dedicated to the French tricolour, gives rise to the exhibition “Blue, white & red design” that plays with products and materials from Design and Fashion. A mix of materials and typologies where the 3 colours are crucial for creating a cosy atmosphere.
Zanotta joins the exhibition with the Sacco easy chair (red) and the coffee table Tod (white).
At Maison & Objet fair from 8 to 16 September, 2017.

2 Images
Singapore / Zanotta flies to Asia and inaugurates its first store in Singapore

Zanotta, always attentive to market developments, strengthens its presence in Asia. On July 20, the first Zanotta space was inaugurated in Singapore thanks to the partnership with the renowned local dealer W. Atelier. An accurate selection of Zanotta products from the latest collection mixed to the unfailing best sellers have furnished sophisticatedly the showroom spaces, once again affirming the quality and elegance of the Made in Italy design.

1 Images
Beijing / Sella and Sacco, witty protagonists at National Museum of China, Beijing Serie Fuori Serie exhibition, until July 25 2017

Great approval for Sella and Sacco, two of the most recognized pieces of Zanotta collection, at Serie Fuori Serie exhibition, set up at National Museum of China at Beijing and curated by Andrea Branzi together with Triennale Design Museum, promoted jointly by the General Directorate of Museums and Fondazione La Triennale di Milano. The project developed to the bilateral collaboration between Italy and China sealed on October 7, 2010, when a Memorandum was undersigned about the bilateral cooperation between the two countries in the cultural promotion through thematic exhibitions. Through a selection of 120 works, Series Off Series illustrates the contemporary scene of Italian design, which starts from experimental research to get to mass markets, using handicraft materials as well as sophisticated technology. Sella, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1957) – celebrating its 60th anniversary just in 2017 – and Sacco, designed by Gatti, Paolini e Teodoro (1968) – considered one the most clever and symbolic pieces of the Italian design – represent perfectly the concept of exhibition. The pieces are enhanced by the exhibition rational arrangement curated by Antonio Citterio.

3 Images
Lissone / Zanotta, supplier of excellence of FRAME.

A house that is entirely realized through an industrial process, that is simple and innovative and adapts to your specific needs and desires, which is rethinking the dwelling paradigms. Here is FRAME, LeapHome’s first model. The house offers a residential program of medium size (130 mq), arranged on two floors: a double height living room which overlooks the gallery with a study area; a dining area with kitchen; two bedrooms and two bathrooms; a wide outdoor terrace of relevance. LeapHome is born from the experience of LeapFactory, gained through building in high altitude, in extreme and difficult environments, like Giusto Gervasutti bivouac, a totally sustainable common space designed to offer refuge to the mountaineers. For this first model Leap chooses Zanotta as official supplier for the suggestive indoor spaces: Flamingo sofa by Damian Williamson (2017), Tweed table by Garcia Cumini (2017), June chairs by Frank Rettenbacher (2016), Sciangai folding clothes stand by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi (1973), Mezzadro stools by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1957), Ido by Frank Rettenbacher (2016) and Sgabillo by Max Bill (1950). A project which best represents Zanotta’s approach: most recent home furnitures combined with iconic and everlasting pieces.

1 Images
Seoul. / Karim Rashid exhibition: Design your self. Hangaram Art Museum

Starting from next June 30, the Seoul Arts Center will host a retrospective exhibition on Karim Rashid’s multifaceted style with more than 300 selected pieces, in order to celebrate its 29th anniversary since its founding.
Prolific artist, designer as well as interior decorator with an attentive eye on architecture, Rashid is one of the most celebrated and appreciated person, whom Korea pays tribute to, while hosting his solo-exhibition in one of the most representative venue for contemporary arts, i.e. the Hangaram Art Museum.
Works, industrial products, installation and much more relate the artist’s philosophy, who’s been at the forefront of innovation and originality, set out in seven thematic sections covering one area of more than 1200 square meters.
In one of these areas, called Beautification of life, the sofa Koochy is displayed, that was designed for Zanotta in 2007. One piece designed for daily use, celebrating ten years of production in 2017; it features organic shape, functional for being used for residential and non-residential purposes. One cosy and comfortable sofa with sinuous shapes, that today like yesterday does not stop to raise emotions!

1 Images
San Francisco / For the first time in the United States, the performance “Vivere alla Castiglioni” pays homage to Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni.

“Vivere alla Castiglioni” is one of the event that will mark the SFDW to emphasize the contribution given by Italian Design to the contemporary culture, specifically Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni who designed everlasting products well-known worldwide. Conference, lectures and exhibitions will be the focus of the scheduled activities.
An appointment that has become possible thanks to both the cooperation by companies, like Zanotta, which have always supported the Castiglioni brothers’ work and local partner, like Dzine, which is committed to communicate the Italian “way of doing”.
Giovanna and Carlo, Achille Castiglioni’s children, who represent the Fondazione Achille Castiglioni, will be hosted by the Californian municipality, to explain and recount the products just like their father loved to. For Zanotta there are three timeless products: the seats conceived by assembling objects bound to different applications, like Sella and Mezzadro both designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957, and the folding table Cumano with its allure of French bistro, designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1978, selected for the Compasso d’Oro award in 1981.
To top this happening, the Italian Institute of Culture and the Italian General Consulate in San Francisco also invite to visit the exhibition organized by the Milan’s Fondazione Achille Castiglioni and curated by architect Valentina Anania held at Pier 27.
June 14 to 22 in several appointments throughout the city.
Further information at

1 Images
Milan / June 6 to 12 in Piazza Duomo, Milan 100 years of La Rinascente together with Elle Decor and Zanotta.

An important anniversary that La Rinascente, the best-known store in the world, wants to celebrate with its shop-windows styled by Elle Décor.
8 windows to revisit the history of design. Among the iconic products, the Sacco could not miss, designed by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro in 1968 together with the Basello small table, by Achille Castiglioni (1987). The shapeless seat, most copied among the furnishing, is displayed with the Sole fabric, in yellow, with a feel-good texture, suitable for any environments. The small table is presented in the fashionable burgundy shade.
June 6 to 12 at La Rinascente, Duomo square – Milan.

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Milan / Zanotta together with Microsoft for the new house of innovation.

Openness, collaboration, flexibility and innovation: these are the cornerstones of Microsoft House, Microsoft Italia’s headquarters in Viale Pasubio 21 in Milan, in the lively district of Porta Volta. Microsoft House, therefore, is an open space for collaboration between people, a place for companies and citizens to meet and discuss the opportunities that digital has to offer, a hub for young people who want to develop innovation in Italy and a workshop for everyone, where it is possible to experience the future of Italy’s economic and social growth. Zanotta is proud to announce the partnership with the prestigious headquarter giving a special supply: the suggestive tables Orione by Roberto Barbieri and Reale, homage to Carlo Mollino, with special finishes especially made-up for this project, the armchairs Liza, design by Lievore, Altherr, Molina and Lia by Roberto Barbieri. Zanotta affirms again its aptitude to combine history and tradition with desire innovation. Just like the Redmond Giant. Pictures by Dario Tettamanzi

1 Images
Tokyo / The graphic projects by Leonardo Sonnoli for Zanotta, displayed at Ginza Graphic Gallery during the 38th edition of TDC Exhibition 2017 organized by Tokyo Type Directors Club, open until April 28th.

150 projects from all over the world are on show at one of the most exclusive galleries in Tokyo during an exhibition that represents the best of the international graphic production, now at its 38th edition, to present the printing world as a family art, accessible and funny.
Among the selected products are those by Leonardo Sonnoli! Zanotta is proud to cooperate with the Graphic designer who has been working with the company in the last three years for the visual communication; thanks to the revisited logo he set up the bases for a more dynamic visual concept, with a sign that would better interpret the course between design evolution and production innovation, opening new sceneries and communication tools according to the language of current time. In Tokyo this change is recounted through company’s tools like the company profile, the catalogue news 2016 and other productions.

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Milan / Milan Furniture fair 2017 - The President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella visits Zanotta’s stand

The head of State Sergio Mattarella, at the end of Salone del Mobile launch press conference, received by Giuliano Mosconi (President and CEO) and Eleonora Zanotta (Board member and Art Director), visited Zanotta’s stand. For the Lombard company, active for over 60 years, it’s an official acknowledgement of the work done and an important encouragement in order to face the future. The President listened carefully, congratulated for the new collection and expressed esteem for the innovative exhibition space.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at Milan Furniture fair 2017, from 4 to 9 April

From 4 to 9 April next, Zanotta will exhibit at the 56th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
A meeting of international appeal, where the best design and furniture products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world.
Hall 16 - Stand A23-B16

1 Images
Monza / "CONNESSIONI” Qui dove si fabbrica il design - Villa Reale

An involving and exciting video installation tells 18 excellence of the territory, a system, a community. Sounds, images and video will talk about the best of our production technology; of industrial as well as artisanal processes, that mark it; the hidden qualities of our design, which often in the final product are no longer recognizable.

1 Images
Milan / During Fuorisalone 2017, Zanotta also attends MUBA_ Museo dei Bambini in Milan, to support unduetrestella Design Week.

Sacco – the shapeless seat of 1968 – by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro is chosen to enrich the format of art/design/creativity developed by unduetrestella Design Week to create and show the most interesting solutions to live and grow with children, thanks to the cooperation with brands, companies, designers, artists and creative people – both Italian and international – working in the children’s world.
At the Design Week 2017, unduetrestella Design Week set up the spaces at MUBA_ Museo dei Bambini, to give a voice to projects that interpret the design as aesthetic and functional role, in order to grow up not just playing. This year claim is # DontStop to be a child, because childhood is and will always be the time of play and fantasy. April 4th to 9th unduetrestella Design Week transforms the rooms at MUBA – Museo dei Bambini into an exhibition of design projects recounted through the various activities being part of the life and growth of all children.
unduetrestella DESIGN WEEK art and design for children @ MUBA - Museo dei Bambini Milan Fuorisalone 2017 April 4 to 9.

1 Images
Milan / Jacques Ferrier chooses Zanotta for the Fuorisalone setting at Palazzo Beltrade

Double skin
A sensual approach to building envelope
At palazzo Beltrade Jacques Ferrier recounts his personal vision on architecture, rejecting the rigid formalism of Modernists.
An approach, that of the Paris based designer, reminding a wider concept of the sensual city: the wish that each palace gives its contribution to the sensory experience that makes us human.
The extraordinary location by Portaluppi is the ideal frame for this important speech, furnished for this occasion with Zanotta pieces: the Talamo bed and the William sofa by Damian Williamson designed in 2011 and 2014 respectively, together with the Calamo desk by Gabriele Rosa of 2014.
Just like Ferrier uses technology to improve the relationship people-environment, so Zanotta has always researched and innovated to let its products improve the quality of daily life.
Fuorisalone, on April 6th at Palazzo Beltrade, via Sant’Andrea – Milan.
“The architecture of Jacques Ferrier” published by Thames & Hudson in 2016 is the latest review on his work.

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Milan / Zanotta and DeLightFuL – Design, Light, Future, Living: Brand-new and unconventional visions of contemporary design at Pavillion 15 – Rho Fiera Project by Ciarmoli Queda Studio for Salone del Mobile

For the 2017 event, Ciarmoli Queda Studio delves into the world of contemporary design by a inimitably original, unusual and exciting approach, through a visual and sensory exploration of everyday living and the contemporary space, reflecting on the new generations and investigating the new ways in which they live in and conceive the domestic space: fluid and cross-cutting, a balance between technology and archetypal living, between public and private, between basic needs and new desires in a bid to achieve creativity and overturn the traditional subdivisions into functional areas.
Several Zanotta’s iconic pieces displayed that get a new identity and espression, like JOY by Achille Castiglioni 1989, rotating 5 shelves unit in bordeaux, Compasso d’Oro selection 1991, SCIANGAI by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi 1973, the clothes stand folded when not in use, MEZZADRO by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni 1957 with a chromium-plated steel stem and red seat laquered, still considered one of the most inspired and important products of Castiglioni brothers. ARDEA, homage to Carlo Mollino 1994, ironic and elegant armchair, LEONARDO, the working table by Achille Castiglioni 1969 in natural varnished beech with laminate top and the demountable armchair MORETTA by Bernard Marstaller 1917 covered in Telastrong, natural beech frame, tilting back.
A vast selection of furnishings tells the story of contemporary design, transformed into one-off pieces through unusual combinations of materials, fabrics, treatments and colours that create high-impact installations. A series of doors provides catalysing gateways to change, leading to different spaces and a rediscovery of a renewed home space.
It will be interesting to check out how the furnishings designed at the early last century are still in our settings!

1 Images
Frankfurt / Zanotta as partner of Teuco for “Viaggio in Italia” at the ISH fair in Frankfurt

Zanotta is pleased to join the project by Teuco “Viaggio in Italia”, where the Italian excellences that make Italy the “Bel Paese” when it comes to design, culture and taste, during the ISH fair in Frankfurt, from March 14th to 18th, 2017.
The products exhibited are: Calamo desk, Lea chair, Sciangai clothes-stand.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta’s Sacco, protagonist of “Real Architecture” area at MADE expo 2017

15 black Sacco easy chairs will take part in “Real Architecture”, a space staged by Towant at MADE expo Rho-Fiera premises, from March 8th to 11th. A meeting platform, open to visitors, where 40 selected architecture studios, among the most interesting and top-rated in contemporary panorama, will become special video-maker to report in real time the trends and the latest products to an international community, through Active Cam. “Real Architecture” will be a lively space, where the architects will introduce their videos, screened on a big LedWall, day by day. Zanotta, always focused on the innovative projects, is pleased to be partner of the event that involves the architects in new way, being the privileged interlocutors of building and material industries. We invite you to visit “Real Architecture” set up at Pavilion 7 Milan, Fiera Rho, from 8th till 11th March 2017

1 Images
Turin / Bruno Munari_Complete Artist

From February 16 to June 11, 2017 the polyhedral creative activity of Bruno Munari will be on stage at the Ettore Fico museum in Turin.
A path that emphasizes the multiple research of one protagonist in the art, in the design and in the graphic of the 20th century. A particularly prolific artist who left us projects, collages, paintings, books, new techniques of image reproduction. In addition to incomparable furnishings.
By Zanotta the Singer, art object in form of a chair, designed in 1945 and defined by Munari himself “for very brief visits” will be displayed together with Spiffero, a screen of 1986, partially lacquered in black featuring a strong geometric trait.
We will welcome you at MEF
Via Francesco Cigna 114 - Turin
Wed to Fri 2 to 7 p.m.
Sat – Sun 11 a.m. to 7 p.m.

1 Images
Cologne / Das Haus 2017

The American designer Todd Bracher was entrusted the project Das Haus – Interiors on stage.
A representation of how we can create with furnishing, colours, materials, lights and accessories in a free and personalized way. One flat, the example of how to take action on things, objects and furniture and give them new life. To complete this setting of 200 square meters the designer has chosen the black coffee table Tod, that he designed in 2005. Its ergonomic and essential shape makes this complement an eye-catching and unique decorative element. Available in the shades black, white or red.
In Cologne not only a purely exercise in style will be staged but an amplification of what the audience wishes and of the social changes.
At IMM Cologne in the heart of the Hall 2.2.

1 Images
Cologne / SUPERSTUDIO - Furniture

From Rome to Cologne, a retrospective on Superstudio’s work.
In January, during the IMM and the Design Week, the UAA (Ungers Archiv of Architecture science) will host a selection of projects exhibited at the MAXXI Museum in Rome during the 50th anniversary exhibition of one of the most influencing pioneering groups in the ‘60es and ‘70es.
The extraordinary Superstudio’s work, originated by the contamination of architecture and design with art and philosophy, is clearly illustrated in Quaderna. The console, the bench and the table were selected. This series, designed in 1970, let the architecture dramatically enter the furnishing world; intentionally designed in black/white to increase the reference, it still remains without equal.
The functional feature of the objects stays in the background in favour of the visionary impact so that the representation of something and the object are one.
UAA_Ungers Archiv für Architekturwissenschaft
Belvederestraße 60

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta awarded as excellence of Lombard Design

Regione Lombardia and ADI Lombardia recognize Zanotta as an excellence of Lombard Design. On Monday 21st November, at the prestigious Palazzo Regione Lombardia, the award ceremony of selected products and projects for ADI DESIGN INDEX 2016 took place. In presence of the Council Member for economic development, Mario Parolini, Elenora Zanotta received the award for the best stand at the Salone del Mobile 2015, designed thank to the synergy with Studio Calvi Brambilla.

2 Images
Milan / SIGNS Grafica italiana contemporanea.24 main players in the design communication on show

The design of communication belongs to our daily life and influences it. The exhibit is a path of analysis offering a domestic cross section of this field.
Grafica italiana contemporanea, curated by Francesco Dondina and produced by h+ together with BASE Milan, will take place from November 9th to December 20th, 2016 at the former Ansaldo plant in via Bergognone 34, a new location of cultural production, experimenting and sharing.
Among 24 authors, the most skilled interpreters, we count Leonardo Sonnoli, graphic designer who has been cooperating with us for two years, to develop and consolidate the new brand identity. For this occasion Sonnoli has conceived a brand new fabric “Piedepul” to cover the iconic Sacco seat designed by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro in 1968, that ironically reinterprets the traditional pied-de-poule (houndstooth) pattern.
On stage in via Bergognone 34 Milan until December 20th.

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Tokyo / Atelier Oï celebrates its 25th anniversary in Japan from October 28th.

Material Play is a monographic exhibition held at AXIS Gallery in Tokyo to tell about the 25 years long history of Atelier Oï studio, during the Design Week, open until November 11th. An unusual installation – a big wardrobe full of curiosities – shall house a selection of objects highlighting the interdisciplinary research that is part of Atelier Oï’s work.
The mirror Raperonzolo launched in 2015 is among the icon-pieces, made with great craftsmanship and valuable materials. The basic idea is to embrace the reflecting surface within a poetic and protective frame made of interwoven cowhide strips, like a covering around its edge.
We are proud that this mirror has been included in this retrospective at the Axis Gallery, a real design hub in Tokyo.

AXIS Gallery
28 October to 6 November
Axis Building 4th floor
5-17-1 Roppongi, Minato-ku

1 Images
Seoul / Zanotta opens its first Far Eastern shop in Seoul.

Zanotta is strengthening their presence in international markets and would like to announce their first significant step towards expansion in Asia. On October 19th the grand opening of the 300-m2 Zanotta Shop will be held.
The new selling point at 66-11, Nonhyun-Dong, Gangnam-Gu in Seoul will be a reference point for both consumers and interior designers.

1 Images
Bruxelles / Ligne celebrates with Zanotta its 50 years of activity at Bruxelles

In 1966, for will of a determined woman, known as Madame Keymolen or Madame Gunzig, for everyone Memè, Ligne was set up, a shop bound to become in the coming years a reference point in the design furniture world, able to challenge the more classic taste and style of that time.
Since then started a non-stop activity that saw the development of the Headquarters earlier at Gallerie de la Reine and later at Gallerie du Roi from 2012. Moving from one bank of the Senne river to the other, while maintaining the same passion and love of early days.
To celebrate its 50 years of activity, an exhibition is taking place where the most important products of International design, divided into decades, mark the path; among them also the Zanotta products, from the furnishing accessories Sacco, Mezzadro and Sella, to Quadritondo, Quaderna and Calamo tables, Cumano, Niobe and Emil small tables; from the padded items Botero, Bruce, William and Arom to the iconic chairs Lia and Kate: a surprising mix of history and contemporary on a surface of approx 300 square meters testifies the endless process of research made by Mèmè.

2 Images
Milan / Sacco gets dressed again to celebrate 10 Corso Como - 25 years anniversary

The Zanotta collection icon is now displayed at 10 Corso Como, Milan, available in 3 new exclusive coverings for the well-known concept store, that was thought up by Carla Sozzani in 1991 in order to represent art, culture, fashion, design and lifestyle.
White/black patterns are the theme of this limited edition collection: 2 Sacco with fabrics designed by Kris Ruhs, American versatile artist, and one Sacco 10 Corso Como branded, are designed to make one of a time Sacco glam, designed by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro in 1968.

10 Corso Como, at Corso Como 10 - Milan

4 Images
Seoul / Alessandro Mendini curates the Creative Garden show at Suncheon Bay National Garden Industrial Design Exhibition.

An important exhibition not only for Korea but for the whole Asian area will take place from September 30th to October 17th at Suncheon Bay National Garden, a protected area of 112 square meters, including 505 species of trees and 113 species of flowers. A place where preserving and protecting an immense heritage that must be respected.
The appointment in October is the expression of a new landscape vision, approaching the garden to the world of industry, of culture and design for a harmonious living. The connection between Life and Nature. Design is intended as an interactive instrument, essential and live. The Garden as the life core, in its diverse functions. These are the topics that constantly speed up the coexistence and the interchange of relations between Man and Nature.
Alessandro Mendini was entrusted with the curatorship of the Creative Garden, the heart of this exhibit, for which he chose Allunaggio by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni of 1965 – Selection of Compasso d’Oro 1981 – and Tempo by Prospero Rasulo of 2001, a small table – Selection Adi Design Index 2002. The displayed products can live here in a different context.

1 Images
Hornu / Mezzadro becomes part of the Grand Hornu Museum permanent collection in Belgium

The exhibition “Italian Design: the culture of project” will be on show from September 15th until November 8th at the CID Centre d'innovation et de Design of the Grand Hornu Museum. Pieces that marked the design: an overview of the objects that over the last 50 years have become an icon of the unbreakable combination between the company and the Italian architects and designers’ creativity.
The Mezzadro stool has been chosen by the curators for two reasons: to pay homage to the great designers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, who have left an indelible mark on the cultural panorama of this century and to the first manufacturer that has chosen the way of innovation. In the Zanotta collection Mezzadro has never stopped to amaze. At the end of the exhibition, the stool will remain in the permanent collection of the Museum.
Grand Hornu Rue Sainte-Louise 82 HORNU (BOUSSU) Tuesday/Sunday

1 Images
New York / Zanotta together with Fondazione Altagamma for the launch of the video-installation Panorama in NYC.

An emotional moment to present and represent the Italian beauty of Nature, Culture and Manufacture at 360 degrees. But that’s not all, also an important social value with a Charity Auction.
This and much more at the Grand Central Terminal in NYC from June 25th to July 20th.
Zanotta, among the founding members of Altagamma, whose aims are to spread and defend the Italian “savoir faire” in the world, is proud to be one of the promoters of the video Panorama, already shown at Expo2015 in Italy, which is now combined with an online charity auction, whose proceeds will be given to the American Italian Cancer Foundation.
An important intent for which we decided to donate an important piece: the number 1 of the numbered series of the Fenice table, designed by Piero Bottoni back in 1936 for Villa Muggia, re-edited by Zanotta in 2016.
One table, whose re-edition conceals an in-depth research of groundbreaking materials and new technologies to make a big volume project with a low weight.
The Fenice table is one of the 62 products or services put at disposal by some of the Members.
To participate in the auction:
Look at the trailer:
Grand Central Terminal in NYC, open every day 9.00 am through 6,00 pm, until July 20th.

3 Images
Lecce / Idee in volo. The bench Mariposa and the chair Pavone by Riccardo Dalisi exhibited at the Historical Museum in Lecce.

Idee in volo by Riccardo Dalisi is a path along the hard work of one of the first architects/artists who introduced the sustainability concept applied to industrial design, to suggest a transversal vision to the project – either sculpture, painting, design or architecture – starting from analyzing the research process, the craftsmanship and the application of poor materials.
Under the curatorship by Cintya Concari and Roberto Marcatti, the bench Mariposa from 1989 and the chair Pavone from 1986, both belonging to the Zanotta Edizioni collection, are the expression of the architect’s ability to interpret the metal.
Idee in volo is therefore a moment to think about some issues like recycle, decrease, eco design; it was conceived with the cooperation of ADI (Industrial Design Association) and the Delegations in Puglia and Basilicata.
The exhibition will open Thursday June 16th and will continue until the end of this year.

1 Images
New York / Zanotta presents the novelties 2016 at DDC showroom in NYC

After the preview at Milan Furniture Fair, the brand new Zanotta collection will be showcased at DDC showroom in 181 Madison Avenue, NYC. The appointment is for Monday 16th May from 6,00 p.m.

3 Images
Milano / CODICE MENDINI. Le regole per progettare.

An extraordinary book, just edited by Electa. Perhaps the most articulated book focused on the works by Alessandro Mendini (Milan 1931): 368 pages relating to one of the Masters – who’s still working full-time – in the history of the aesthetic design of the twentieth and twenty-first centuries: a versatile architect, artist, designer, theorist and writer.
We owe him some of the most famous contemporary iconic pieces; he designed wonderful objects for Zanotta, such as: the Atropo table (1984), the Meligete chest-of-drawer (1984), the Cantaride bar cabinet (1984), the Macaone table (1985), the Agrilo console table (1984), the Zabro chair (1984), the Cetonia chest-of-drawers (1984), the Sirfo table (1986). And the Hispo small table (1986), the Mikiolone (1986) and Calamobio (1985-88) chest-of-drawers, many of them are still in production, to witness the design perfection and a-temporality. He’s been editor of several magazines (“Ollo”, “Modo”, “Casabella”, “Domus”), member of various groups (from Radicals to Alchimia), since 2000 has been a partner with his brother Francesco in the Mendini studio in Milan, and had an enormous influence on the aesthetic trends of international design. He transformed it into an excellent expressive tool of Modern Man’s state of mind, struggling between misery and joy. Fulvio Irace is the author of the book with a strong visual impact.
The book presentation to the public will take place on Wednesday May 11th at the Belle Arti Accademy, Via Brera 28 – Hall 10. h. 6:30pm

2 Images
Gressoney Saint Jean (AO) / The "Casa Capriata", based on the original project of Carlo Mollino has been included in the "National census of Italian architecture of the late Twentieth century" by the Ministry of Cultural Heritage

We are very pleased to learn that the Rifugio Carlo Mollino (mountain hut), built in Gressoney Saint Jean (AO) on the project of "Casa Capriata" by the architect Carlo Mollino, has been included in the "National Census of Italian architecture of the late Twentieth century", edited by the Directorate General for Art and contemporary Architecture and urban Suburbs of MIBACT - The Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism. An acknowledgement that gives continuity to our last year’s exhibition dedicated to him and to the re-editions (homage to Carlo Mollino) still in our catalogue.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at Salone del Mobile 2016, from 12th to 17th April

From 12 to 17 April 2016 Zanotta will exhibit at the 55th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
A meeting of international appeal, where the best design and furniture products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world.
Hall 16 - Stand A23-B16

1 Images
Milano / FuoriSalone 2016

Ruben loves Gilda. Ivo loves Leonardo. June loves Susanna.
There is a fil rouge linking the products of Zanotta collection, from the novelties to the historic ones. A timeless relationship, bound to last in time.

Zanotta Shop Milano
Piazza del Tricolore 2
from 12th April 2016, 11am - 8pm

Cocktail party 14 April 2016, from 7.30pm

1 Images
Milan / From 12 to 17 April Sciangai can also be found here at Fuori Salone...

On the occasion of the special setting at Dornbracht, designed by architect Lorenzo Palmeri, the guests who visit the House ON-space are invited to take off their own jacket, hanging it on the Sciangai clothes stand. A timeless project, always up-to-date, beautiful and stylish, designed by De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi in 1973. A fortunate object, surprisingly communicative in its apparent simplicity, very successful since its launch.
The location is the internal SPA of the ON-House, a smart home in downtown Milan, in via della Passione 8.
A sensorial experience of water + light + sound.

2 Images
Milan / Zanotta and the Street Art, on 15 April in via Cardinale Ascanio Sforza 85 in Milan

On the occasion of the pictorial reconstruction of the whole façade of the early century building, the former factory and headquarters of Sacofgas 1927 SPA (the historic Milanese company on the Naviglio river) curated by Elian - the internationally renowned street artist - many activities are planned, including an exhibition of the most important young street artists, from Italy and abroad, workshops and craftsman studios. Moreover, an auction of some iconic objects of Italian design customized by the participating artists. Zanotta donates 4 Cumano, the small table designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1978, here in white finish, to become palette on which street artists will express their own art. The proceeds of this charity initiative will be entirely donated to the Milanese Association Abilità Onlus, in particular, the funds raised will be given to La Casa di l’Abilità and to the assistance service for the children accommodated in the residential community, and for their families. For more information: La casa di l'Abilità, residential community for children with disabilities,

2 Images
Milan / Iconic Re-naissance Design from April 12th to 17th, 2016

Zanotta is open to a reinterpretation of the mythical Servomuto. A brand new customization requested and applied by Fenix NTM, Nano Tech Matt material for interiors that will literally cover the iconic Italian design products during the next Design Week.
The top of this small table designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1974 will be covered with smart material, offering unique properties like the greatest opacity, the protection against fingerprints, the softness to touch and the heat recovery of micro scratches on the surface.
Are you curious to find out how far technology can go? Come in and visit the event “Iconic Re-naissance Design” curated by ArpaLab at Pinacoteca di Brera, via Brera 28 Milan. From April 12th to 17th, 10,30 am through 8,30 pm

1 Images
Mlan / Zanotta is also at Cascina Cuccagna during FuoriSalone

From April 8 to 17 the exhibition “Failures”, one project curated by Raumplan and ACCC on the unusual theme of the “failure” in art and design is on stage: the story of failed projects, acts, rings that do not retain. Stories of mistakes which good intuitions or precious inputs were generated from, towards new research directions.
For the setting of the main room Zanotta lends the Quaderna table designed by Superstudio in 1970 and three Sciangai clothes-stands, designed by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi in 1973. Extraordinary pieces that don’t need to be told, but only savoured again within this odd frame.
See you in Cuccagna 2-4 street, Milan

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Rome / Superstudio 50. Fragments from a personal museum 1966-2016, April 21 through September 18, 2016

The hallmark of the Superstudio terrible guys found in the icons of Zanotta’s catalogue: the Quaderna collection on display at MAXXI Museum.
The whole Quaderna range by Zanotta will be among the works of Superstudio’s radical creativity, which the MAXXI Museum in Rome dedicates an important retrospective to, starting on April 21st through to September 18th : Superstudio 50. Fragments from a personal museum 1966-2016.
Table, console and bench Quaderna, belonging to the range of Istogrammi, are among the most architectonic objects in the furniture history. The perfect tops and orthogonal lines converted into a grid of 3x3 cm squares, silk-screen printed in black on white laminate, were and are a pattern full of concepts: the criticism of the design establishment at that time, the constant scanning of time, the vision of a city organized according to the same pattern. Insights from Neoavanguardia that transposed by Aurelio Zanotta entered the myth. From 1970 to today.
The celebration of 50 years since the foundation of Superstudio will be the occasion for a scientific autobiography: concept and setting design will be done by Adolfo Natalini, Cristiano Toraldo di Francia and Gian Piero Frassinelli, who are the founders of Superstudio, under curatorship by Gabriele Mastrigli. Objects, documents and original working materials will tell about growth of one of the most revolutionary firms in the Italian architecture of the Twentieth century.
MAXXI. Via Guido Reni 4/A - Rome

1 Images
Milan 2 April – 12 September 2016 / Stanze. Altre filosofie dell'abitare

Zanotta furnishes 2 of the 11 rooms set up at Triennale in Milan during the exhibition curated by Beppe Finessi “Stanze. Altre filosofie dell’abitare”, which investigates the people’s daily life through the interiors architecture.
Francesco Librizzi for his room – D1 – has asked Zanotta to make 2 chairs, 2 chairs with armrests, 2 armchairs and 1 table adhoc in order to interpret the discovery of domestic spaces.
One storytelling of historical pieces, reduced to the essential, of interiors architecture. Lazzarini Pickering Architects have instead chosen one piece in collection, the Cumano table designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1978 for Zanotta. One table with three legs, updated, reminding the French bistro tables that is reinterpreted in modern key to satisfy the requests for convenience and functionality. Cumano can be folded and stored in any place thanks to its reduced sizes, so that it can even be hung.
See you at Triennale, viale Alemagna 6, Milan.

1 Images
Milan / W Woman in Italian Design” from April 2 to September 12, 2016

The armchair Karelia, designed by the open-minded Finnish artist Liisi Beckmann for Zanotta back in 1966, has been selected for developing the focusing theme of the ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum (from April 2, 2016 until February 19, 2017), curated by Silvana Annicchiarico, with settings by Margherita Palli.
Starting from historic inspirations that will be outlined during the 21st International Expo at the Milan Triennale, the ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum is trying to figure out a new course of the Italian design declined under the feminine viewpoint, reconstructing design figures, theories, attitudes that were spread along the 19th century, and affirmed, transformed and evolved during the 21st century.
In this context the armchair Karelia is displayed, being a symbol of the pop age, whose wavy and repetitive shape is a clear reminder of the Nordic landscapes that gave birth to the artist. Beckmann, who was very active in Italy and stayed here for long time, is strongly recognized by the works done for Zanotta and for La Rinascente, Milan. This seat is permanently on stage at the Vitra Design Museum, located in Weil am Rhein (Germany).
The ninth edition of the Triennale Design Museum is held within the 21st International Expo at Milan Triennale (April 2 through September 12, 2016), that regains its historic tradition after twenty years. The concept “21st century. Design after Design” aspires to explain the new millennium, focusing on key questions like globalization impact on design, the transformations caused by the crisis of 2008 and the arrival of the 21st century, the relationship between city and design, between design and access to the new information technologies, between design and handcraft.

2 Images
Milan / Quasi Segreti at museum Poldi Pezzoli (March 10 to April 25, 2016)

Quasi Segreti: a contemporary story leading us into a world full of suggestions and reminders.
An exhibition focused on an unusual theme that never ceased to be reinterpreted by architects, designers and artists who have been able to use creativity and experimenting: drawers and chest of drawers.
Two Zanotta pieces find their place among the furnishing elements and the collection of this particular venue like the House-Museum Poldi Pezzoli: Genesio by Alik Cavaliere, that is to say the reinterpretation of the classic chest of drawers and Calamobio, one chest by Alessandro Mendini where the primary function is dressed with boldness. Both these items are included in the “special” collections, limited editions from 1990 and 1985/88 respectively. Two designs that are completely different one from the other, linked by the wise use of colour and expression of exemplary craftsmanship.
The path created by the Museum Poldi Pezzoli and Inventario helps reflecting on the relationship between design and visual arts. Which better pieces could have been chosen , if not Calamobio and Genesio that, belonging to the Edizioni collection by Zanotta, represent a unique world where art and design meet?
Quasi Segreti will open on March 10th and will stay on until April 25th, 2016. The museum Poldi Pezzoli is located in Via Manzoni, 12 in Milan downtown.

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Vancouver / MashUp: the birth of Modern Culture (20 February - 12 June 2016) at Vancouver Art Gallery

On February 20th the exhibition “MashUp: the birth of Modern Culture” will open at Vancouver Art Gallery, the most important city museum. A narrative path about the shift in European art, due to the gestures by Pablo Picasso and Georges Braque in their compositions, that started the “mashup” strategy, the clearest evidence of the growth of visual culture during the XXth century.
Among the objects selected as example of the evolution of this new creative approach, we find the stool Mezzadro, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957 and still in collection.
The exhibition, taking over all four floors of the gallery, offers an international overview of the “mashup” culture, that has grown to become the dominant form of artistic production in all its forms in the early XXIst century.
Don’t miss it!

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London / Wallpaper* Design Awards 2016 to Joy by Achille Castiglioni Best of the Rest Award

With the new colour reinterpretation of the iconic Joy bookcase by Achille Castiglioni, designed in 1989, Zanotta is now proud to announce that has received the Best of the Rest (Reissue category) Award within the 2016 Design Awards by Wallpaper* , one of the leading international magazines for design, architecture, but also for art and travel, much appreciated by a transversal audience.
The Joy bookcase, selection Compasso d'Oro 1991, has become one of the landmark of the company. Starting from 2015 it is in production with five rotating shelves (adding the seven shelves model) and it is updated with two new shades, burgundy and dark-blue green, providing new appeal and strength to a product that is already in the design history.

1 Images
Cologne / Imm Cologne 2016: 19-25 January

During the IMM Cologne, International Fair for the interior design, A&W Architektur & Wohnen, the most established German magazine in architecture, design, living and style presents “2016 Jahre A&W Designer of the Year”, an exhibition-contest dedicated to the masters of design, whom the magazine, over the years, has awarded the prestigious Prize Designer of the Year. Among these the brothers Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, represented by Mezzadro designed for Zanotta in 1957, who were the first to receive this award in 1997 thanks to this stool. Since its launch Mezzadro, an iconic piece that is always an object of desire, will be given as present to a lucky reader of the magazine at the end of the exhibition.

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Milan / Zanotta backs Love Design 2015, 11-13 December

The initiative, promoted by AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) and by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), has become an important event that involves both social and cultural life of Milan city. Love Design has the dual goal of backing research and creating a wide range of interest around Italian design. Zanotta gives its support by providing some design items, that will be sold at highly competitive conditions to the public. The appointment is at the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, from December 11 to 13, 2015.

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Milan / Tuesday, November 24th: an event not to be missed!

At Milan Triennale, Tuesday, November 24th an event not to be missed for all the design lovers. Zanotta presents the book Design: 101 Stories. A dictionary of design "stories" written and sorted by 60 years of production. An important and significant work, full of ideas and anecdotes about products that entered the imagination and the homes of many people all around the world. A book written by Beppe Finessi, designed by Leonardo Sonnoli. Alessandro Mendini will lead us in this imaginary journey through time. We wait for you at the Milan Triennale. November 24, 2015, 6:30 p.m. Triennale Design Museum Agorà Theatre

1 Images
Vienna. November 11 to 21, 2015 / Pop Up Mendini

The Prodomo showroom will host the fifth edition of the Pop Up exhibition, this year dedicated to the works by Alessandro Mendini, one of the most renowned personalities in Italian design.
On show a wide selection of his works, quite often funny, poetical and ironic objects, that marked an era. Among them we count the table-chair Zabro and the console Agrilo both of 1984, the table Macaone of 1985-87, this latter re-edited in 2011 and still in Zanotta’s collection.
We wait for you in Prodomo Windows, Naglergasse 29 in Vienna.

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Milan. / Tribute to Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni 21 October - 7 November

A tribute exhibition to the Masters Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni will open on October 22 at Zanotta Shop in piazza del Tricolore, 2 Milan. An occasion to see the products designed by the two brothers for Zanotta (the Sella rocking seat, the Mezzadro stool, the Allunaggio seat, the Cumano folding table, the Primate kneeling seat, the Leonardo table, the Joy shelf, the Basello small table, the Servi range), displayed in an astonishing set by Calvi –Brambilla studio with the graphic sign by Leonardo Sonnoli.
We welcome at the cocktail party on Thursday 22 October at 7,00 pm with a contribution by Giovanna Castiglioni and Beppe Finessi.

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Milan / Super Studio from October 10, 2015 to January 6, 2016

The exhibition about the Superstudio’s oeuvre, the group of radical architects and designers, will open on October 10th at Contemporary Art Pavilion (PAC). These designers influenced the renowned contemporary architects with their twenty years activity (1966 to 1986).
Some pieces of the Quaderna range (console, bench and table) designed in 1970 and still in Zanotta’s collection are on display.
We wait for your visit at PAC, via Palestro 14 until January 6th.

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Seoul / The Poetry of design from October 10th, 2015 until February 28th, 2016

The exhibition entitled “The poetry of design” will be set on stage starting from October 10th at the Art Center in Seoul for 5 months.
A due homage to the designer Alessandro Mendini and his atelier with a story of his life and his career as artist, painter and architect. Works coming from the major art collection worldwide, among them the Cartier Foundation and the Milan’sTriennale Design Museum, will be on show together with products designed for various companies of the furnishing market but not only.
Zanotta has been invited to join this event with the products: table-chair Zabro and the table Macaone, this latter was re-edited in 2011.

1 Images
Bologna / The Ink small tables and the Twist stools are among the main characters of the exhibition "Own Design", in Bologna from 29 September to 7 October 2015.

Galleria G7 in Bologna will host the exhibition Own Design by the designer Emilio Nanni during the Bologna Design Week from 29 September to 7 October 2015. The exhibition set up by the designer in the spaces of Studio G7 includes a series of sketches about the displayed products and a selection of the most recent items designed by him, chosen for materials and workmanship.

Two products Zanotta will attend the exhibition: the Ink small table (project year 2013) with top covered with digital technique applied resin (Rezina tessile ®) printed fabric and the Twist stools (project year 2014) with strung high tenacity polyester cords.

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Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) / Event Cortina non è seduta, from 1 to 31 August 2015

The chair will be the protagonist of an event during the summer season in Cortina d’Ampezzo.
Over 50 seats will be displayed in first-rank shops, hotels and restaurants of this famous mountain locality, that will host a party on August 22nd at the bran new location Cortina Style and Eden movie theater.
Zanotta was invited to join with some of the most emblematic pieces of its collection: the Sacco easy-chair, the Mezzadro seat, the Sella rocking seat, the Singer chair for very brief visits and the Tonietta chair, winner of the Compasso d’Oro award in 1987.

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Nova Milanese / Zanotta at Nova Fiera from May 30th to June 7th, 2015.

Zanotta will be hosted with its own booth furnished with some iconic pieces of its eclectic collection in the pavilion “Excellences” of the 14th edition of Nova Fiera.
The exhibition area was designed to promote and to highlight the production sector of the important local companies.
We wait for your visit in Oberdan Street in Nova Milanese, town of the company's seat.

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Milan / The event "Design meets Food. Milano Meets the World" at the Zanotta Shop in Piazza del Tricolore 2 on 15 May 2015

Zanotta is partner of “Design Meets Food. Milano Meets the World”, event organized by the magazine Interni in the context of “Expo City Events”. An itinerary around the flagship stores and furniture showrooms that, for the occasion, have been transformed into places for encounters and performances against a backdrop of the excellence of Italian design and its gastronomic culture. Zanotta, which is hosting the exhibition Homage to Carlo Mollino in its showroom in Piazza del Tricolore 2, will organize its event with a show and a conversation between Manolo De Giorgi, design critic and Mollino expert, and Gianluca Fusto, a chef very fond of cacao.

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New York / Zanotta presents the novelties 2015 at DDC showroom in NYC

After the preview at Milan Furniture Fair, the brand new Zanotta collection will be showcased at DDC showroom in 181 Madison Avenue, NYC. The appointment is for Monday 18th May from 6,00 p.m.

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Rome / The Zanotta products furnish the lounges at the Tennis International Competition (Internazionali di Tennis), from May 7th to 17th, 2015.

The Internazionali di Tennis 2015 will take place from May 7th to 17th at Foro Italico in Rome. For the exhibition setting “Twiner # 3 Landscape” in the Corporate Hospitality Lounges, Zanotta will display the Sacco armchairs, designed by Gatti, Paolini and Teodoro in 1968 and the Mezzadro stools, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957. Both the artworks and the pieces of furniture chosen for the setting of the spaces, shall connect the inside of the rooms and the nature surrounding the Tennis Stadium; each room depicts a stereotypical landscape, represented in a non-conventional way. The Sacco armchairs and the Mezzaro stools will be among the main characters of the Artificial Landscape and the Dreamy Landscape.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at Salone del Mobile 2015, from 14 to 19 April.

From 14 to 19 April 2015 Zanotta will exhibit at the 54th edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan.
A meeting of international appeal, where the best design and furniture products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world.
Hall 16 - Stand A23-B16

1 Images
Milan / Homage to Carlo Mollino, FuoriSalone event 2015

A reinterpretation of Carlo Mollino's work through the various objects the company has reissued since, bringing them to the attention of a wider audience. From 14th April 11am - 8pm

Cocktail with a contribution by Alessandro Mendini on Carlo Mollino 15th April 2015 from 7.30pm

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Cassano d'Adda (MI) / An exhibition to remember the Finnish artist Liisi Beckmann at Casa Berva until March 15th.

From March 7th the exhibition on “Liisi Beckmann” is held in the city that hosted her in the late Sixties. A retrospective where the artworks and design pieces made by the designer during her whole life will be shown.
Among them the Karelia armchair by Zanotta stands out, on show with a yellow cover.

1 Images
Kielce / New step for the exhibition "To Err is a Thing": the products Tonietta, Mezzadro and Sacco on show from January 30th to March 31st, 2015

After the success obtained in Wroclaw, the exhibition "To Err is a Thing" goes on at the Kielce Design Institute. The exhibition illustrates how a product created to satisfy a specific need can evolve and improve to become a timeless design object. Zanotta renews its presence in the exhibition with three of its bestsellers, whose evolution over time has made them iconic pieces of Italian design: the chair Tonietta, the stool Mezzadro and the armchair Sacco.

1 Images
Cortina d'Ampezzo / The fourth step of the exhibition "Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence" will start at the Grand Hotel Savoia on December 30th

After the great success in Milan and Shanghai, the photo exhibition "Contemporary Italian Altagamma Excellence," promoted by Fondazione Altagamma and telling the excellence of Made in Italy, will stop in Cortina d'Ampezzo from December 30, 2014 to March 30, 2015 at four high-class locations: the Grand Hotel Savoia, the Rosapetra Spa Resort, Hotel Ambra and the Cristallo Hotel Spa & Golf.

Zanotta is always represented by the evocative shot taken by the photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi.

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Monza / The Zanotta products and La bellezza quotidiana at Villa Reale

Triennale Design Museum, Milan Triennale and the Chamber of Commerce of Monza and Brianza present a selection of pieces from the Permanent Collection of Italian Design in the spaces of the Belvedere of the Villa Reale in Monza. A selection of more than 200 iconic pieces will be exhibited as witness of innovations, trials and heterogeneity of the history of Italian design. On this occasion 8 Zanotta products will be displayed: Mezzadro stool, Quaderna table, Sacco easy chair, Sciangai clothes stand, Joy bookcase, Arabesco small table, Clessidra and Singer chairs.

TRIENNALE DESIGN MUSEUM La bellezza quotidiana Un percorso nella Collezione Permanente del Design Italiano Villa Reale di Monza

Opening December 14, h. 11:30

2 Images
Stockholm / The "Designer of the Year" award by the magazine Residence to Anna von Schewen

The Swedish magazine Residence has awarded Anna von Schewen with the “Designer of the year” prize. Anna von Schewen has designed for Zanotta the Undercover sofa, launched on the occasion of the Milan Furniture Fair 2014, last April.

2 Images
Gressoney / Zanotta is technical sponsor of the mountain's hut "Casa Capriata" designed by Carlo Mollino

The project of “Casa Capriata”, developped by Carlo Mollino for the 10th Milan’s Triennale (1954) has been completed and it is now visible in the sky-area Weissmatten, in the village of Gressoney Saint Jean. A tribute to one of the most important avant-garde design and architecture, completely eco-sustainable.

Zanotta has joined this project as technical sponsor with the furnishing elements made according to Carlo Mollino’s design: table Reale, mirror Milo, armchairs Gilda and Ardea. All these elements are still included in Zanotta’s collection.

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Stuttgart / The Grandtour lounge chairs furnish the temporary store Maserati from December 2014 to March 2015.

Among the furnishing elements displayed at Maserati Temporary store in Stuttgart we find 2 lounge chairs Grandtour, conceived in co-branding between Zanotta and Maserati.
The appointment is at Bülow Carré in Stephanstrasse untile mid-March 2015.

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London / 40 years of Coexistence + 60 years of Zanotta = 100 objects on show from 13 November!

A unique event will celebrate the 40th anniversary of activity of our dealer Coexistence and the 60th anniversary of Zanotta. 100 Zanotta bestsellers, including 40 limited edition Sciangai clothes stands - each made of natural oak with one grey lacquered stick, will be displayed at the London showroom in an installation telling about the long collaboration between our company and this historical partner.

Coexistence 288 Upper Street London N1 2TZ

Since November 13 / Monday-Sunday 11: 00-17: 00

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Wroclaw / Tonietta, Mezzadro and Sacco attend the exhibition "To Err is a Thing" from November 14th to December 31st, 2014

"To Err is a Thing" is the title of the exhibition that will open on November 14th at the BWA Gallery in Wroclaw. The aim of the exhibition is to highlight how a product, designed first in a manner or intended for a specific use, has evolved during the time for better fitting the styles and market requirements, becoming an evergreen design object. Three of the Zanotta products will take part in this exhibition:

Tonietta chair: it was originally designed with seat and back covered with cowhide only, later also the nylon version was introduced, in order to better fit the intense use.

Mezzadro stool: symbol of “Ready Made”, at the beginning its seat was considered uncomfortable, so then it was replaced with a similar one, more comfortable, always coming from the tractors of that period.

Sacco armchair: its design took inspiration from the transparency and lightness of the pneumatic frames. At the beginning the materials chosen were: clear PVC for the cover and polystyrene for the upholstery. When Sacco entered the production, highly resistant expanded polystyrene pellets and soft coverings of colorful leather were employed to guarantee more comfort and duration over the time.

To Err is a Thing
Non-standardized design exhibition

November 14th - December 31st, 2014
Opening: November 14, 2014 at 7 p.m.

BWA Design Gallery, Wroclaw
Swidnicka 2-4, Wroclaw

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Riga / The Art Academy of Latvia hosts an exhibition dedicated to Achille Castiglioni, from November 10 to 29, 2014.

An important appointment like “Casa Castiglioni” will open officially on November 10 next at the Art Academy of Latvia in Riga, where about thirty products designed by Achille Castiglioni for leading companies in the lighting (Flos) and design trade (Zanotta and Alessi) will be displayed.
Zanotta is among the protagonists with the following items: Joy rotating shelf unit, Leonardo working table, Allunaggio outdoor seat, Mezzadro and Sella stools, Servomanto clothes-stand and Servomuto service table.
The exhibition can be visited until November 29 at:
Art Academy of Latvia
1st floor
Kalpaka bulvaris, 13

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Kortrijk / An unedited exhibition of the Zanotta collection to celebrate the 60th anniversary of activity, at Interieur Biennial from 17 to 26 October 2014

60 years of history, culture, innovation: Zanotta celebrates the 60th anniversary of activity through an unedited exhibition of icons chosen for the occasion to represent the best expression of Made in Italy and of the high-end Italian creative firm.

Hall 4

1 Images
Kortrijk / 17-26 October, Zanotta at Interieur 2014

After the Salone del Mobile fair in Milan where top quality products can be found, the Interieur fair has been, since 1968, one of the few recognized trade shows that is truly innovative. A complete and well-organized fair, that has reached its 24th edition.
At the contemporary design pavilion of Biennale (Hall 1), Zanotta presents a setting where the 2014 novelties, launched at Milan Furniture Fair last April, alternate with the historical collections.
Kortrijk, from 17 to 26 October 2014, Hall 1 Booth 116

1 Images
Tokyo / Yamagiwa celebrates the 60th anniversary of Zanotta with a selection of historical pieces displayed at its own showroom, from October 25th to November 9th, 2014

The retailer Yamagiwa will organize an event to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Zanotta, during the Tokyo Design Week and the Elle Décor Design Walk. Along with a selection of historical products, the Zanotta Maserati Capsule Collection will be presented as well.

Zanotta 60th Anniversary featuring Maserati Collection October 25 – November 9, 2014 at Yamagiwa Tokyo Showroom (9F Orix Minami-Aoyama Bldg., 2-27-25 Minami-Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo) 11:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. *Cocktail Hour 6:00-8:00 p.m. on October 31, 2014

1 Images
Paris / The Grandtour flies to France at the Paris Motor Show 2014 from October 4th to 19th.

From 4th to 19th October on the occasion of the Paris Motor Show 2014 the Grandtour lounge chairs, made by Zanotta in co-branding with Maserati, will be part of the booth display of the famous automobile brand.

1 Images
Vigo / New stage of the exhibition “Trans-Forma” in Spain.

Starting from September 25 the exhibition “Trans-Forma” will be set up at Sirvent showroom in Vigo, Gran Via 120 for one month.
The exhibition displays 17 historical pieces of the Zanotta collection, re-interpreted in a contemporary key by the creative laboratory Fabrica.

1 Images
Serravalle / Zanotta attends “The Vintage Project”, from September 20th at the Serravalle Designer Outlet

“The Vintage Project”, the first temporary charity shop in support of cancer research, opens from September 20th at Serravalle Designer Outlet. It will be possible to buy high-class vintage items selected by Vogue Italy and donated by international fashion brands and top models. The proceeds will be donated to the IEO Foundation, the European Oncology Institute, for cancer research fundraising.

The Quaderna table and Mezzadro stools by Zanotta are part of the shop display.

1 Images
Rimini / Zanotta at the exhibition on the story of wood.

During the next happenings “Meeting 2014”, taking place from August 24 to 30 in Rimini, Zanotta will participate in the exhibition “A piece of wood is not just a piece of wood”, where it will enhance the rooms of a house built up for the event, with a display of its icon products: the Mezzadro and Giotto stools, the Zeus and Teti small tables.

1 Images
Porto Cervo. / The appointment at the Maserati temporary store furnished by Zanotta repeats for summer 2014.

The prestigious frame of Harrod’s Deluxe Village in Porto Cervo will host, also this year, the Maserati temporary shop (end of July till mid September) furnished with some pieces of Zanotta collection, among which the lounge chair Grandtour stands out, realized in co-branding between these two Italian companies.
See you at Old Marina with a selection of high-end pieces.

2 Images
Milano Marittima / An exclusive shop-window for the lounge chair Maserati by Zanotta from July 17 to September 15, 2014.

Next Thursday 17th of July the temporary store Maserati will open in the pedestrian area of Milano Marittima. As last year, Zanotta is partner for the furnishing of the location, where the armchair Grandtour can be admired, produced in co-branding between these two companies.
The temporary store will be set up until Mid- September. We look forward to seeing you!

3 Images
Fidenza / Zanotta in cooperation with Altagamma at Best of Italy

“Best of Italy” opens at the Fidenza Village: an innovative laboratory of flavors and creativity curated by Massimo Spigaroli, Michelin-starred chef, and realized with the cooperation of Altagamma to celebrate the Italian excellences through a journey of cultural culinary and style beauties to discover the Made in Italy.

Zanotta furnishes with its products the indoors and outdoors spaces.

Until 14 September.

1 Images
Nancy / The Sacco easy chair at the exhibition “Quiz”.

At Poirel Gallery in Nancy (France) the exhibition “Quiz” will open on June 13th next, with a selection of objects coming from design and art to better understand the boundaries between these two worlds.
Zanotta participates with its icon piece from its collection, i.e. the easy chair Sacco by Gatti Paolini Teodoro from 1968. The exhibition will be open until October 12, 2014.

1 Images
New York / Zanotta presents the novelties 2014 at DDC showroom in NYC.

After the preview at Milan Furniture Fair, the brand new Zanotta collection will be showcased at DDC showroom in 181 Madison Avenue, NYC. The appointment is for Monday 19th May from 6,00 p.m.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at Salone del Mobile 2014, from 8 to 13 April.

From 8 to 13 April 2014 Zanotta will exhibit at Salone internazionale del Mobile in Milan. The appointment where the best design and furnishing products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world is back.
Hall 16 - Stand A23 B16

3 Images
Milan / Zanotta furnishes the stand Vogue Sposa at the HOMI fair (19-22 January 2014)

During the HOMI fair held from January 19 to 22, Zanotta will be the technical sponsor of the stand Vogue Sposa with a selection of products for the area "Interior Garden".

1 Images
Paris / An exhibition in Paris to celebrate Zanotta's 60 years - Thursday 23 January 2014

The exhibition Zanotta, 60 années..., dedicated to the company history, is presented at Silvera, in the self-evident places of Design in France. The setting is curated by Studio BPM, paying homage to this adventure that today represents a unique opportunity to rediscover pieces that became design classical items, together with the latest products of this company, keeping the prestige of the collection high: more than seventy products covering the Zanotta collections are exposed at the Parisian Bastille space.

Giovedì 23 January, starting from 7h00 pm
SILVERA Bastille
41 rue du Faubourg Saint Antoine
75011 Paris

1 Images
Nova Milanese / Zanotta celebrates 60 years

2014 is the year of Zanotta 60th anniversary. Since 1954 when the company moved its first steps, thanks to the ambitious talent and the entrepreneurial courage of the founder Aurelio Zanotta, a continual journey of extraordinary inventions started, that changed people’s way of living. A mine of ideas and intuitions, often a precursor of times.

1 Images
Cologne / Veryround in the setting "Das Haus" by Louise Campbell at IMM (13-19 January 2014)

During the IMM fair in Cologne the project "Das Haus" 2014 was entrusted to the Danish designer Louise Campbell, who conceived a simulation of a home including some architectural elements and furnishings to create her own idea of a home. In the 2014 setting the seat Veryround, made of laser-cut steel sheet, was also included, designed by Campbell for Zanotta in 2006.

1 Images
Miami. / The Grandtour is on preview in Miami

During the Design Miami days (5-8 December) the US presentation of the armchair Grandtour will be held, made by Zanotta in cooperation with Maserati and designed by Ludovica+Roberto Palomba.
The seating will be presented on December 6th at 4141 Design (Flagship store Zanotta) in Miami. The concept of this armchair reminds the sinuous shapes of Maserati Quattroporte that will be displayed together with two Grandtour for being admired by the public. The whole showroom will be set by up Ludovica+Roberto Palomba including historical products as well as novelties of the Zanotta collection. We will welcome you for a comfortable break…

1 Images
Gent / A selection of the best items at the Design Museum (November 28, 2013 / March 2, 2014).

An exhibition entitled "Linked", that gathers the best design pieces, selected by the retiring Director of the Design Museum, will be set up from November 28, 2013 until March 2, 2014. The purpose is letting the big audience become acquainted with the Design, joining the pieces that are still in the collection with other objects of a certain value by means of playful associations, common influences or unexpected relations.
The stool Mezzadro will be part of this exhibition.

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Tokyo - Osaka / The Grandtour lands in the Far East (November 20 and 27, 2013).

After the presentation at the Milan Furniture Fair last April, the armchair Grandtour designed by Zanotta in collaboration with Maserati, will land in the Far East in the next days: it will be presented in Tokyo on November 20th and in Osaka on November 27th.
Two pieces of the armchair will be on show, together with the new car Quattroporte by Maserati.

1 Images
Turin / Zanotta with Format Progetti Abitativi at Artissima. November 8 to 10, 2013.

Zanotta will attend ARTISSIMA one of the most prestigious modern art fairs in cooperation with Format Progetti Abitativi, important furniture and design showroom. The fair will be held at Oval Lingotto in Turin from November 8 to 10, 2013.
In the new and prestigious location of Area Con/Text a series of elegant show footboards will be set, designed by the technical sponsor Format Progetti Abitativi, with a selection of Zanotta’s furnishing elements signed by the greatest architects and Italian designers. Among the products on show we count the armchair Ardea and the table Reale by Carlo Mollino, the lounge chair Maggiolina by Marco Zanuso, the stool Mezzadro by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, the easy-chair Sacco by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro and the clothes stand Sciangai by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi.

3 Images
Geneva / A retrospective dedicated to the great architects and designers De Pas, D'Urbino and Lomazzi. Until November 22, 2013

ARCADIA, historic Zanotta dealer, presents an exhibition-tribute to DDL Studio, through a selection of their pieces that have become icons of the Italian design history. In the 300 square meters area dedicated to the exhibition, you can retrace the most important steps they took in the design field, a work always based on research, experimentation, development of new technologies and application of new materials.
Among the designs now displayed, we count the clothes stand Sciangai, the inflatable armchair Blow and the sofa Onda all designed for Zanotta.
The exhibition will be open until November 22nd.
Arcadia 20, rue des eaux vives 1207 Geneva

1 Images
London / Pop Art Design at the Barbican Art Gallery until February 9, 2014

After stopping at Vitra Design Museum – Weil am Rhein, at the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and lately at the Humlebaek and Moderna Museet in Stockholm, the exhibition “Pop Art Design” shall open at the Barbican Art Gallery on October 22nd next. This international exhibition traces the common language between designers and artists during the Pop period.
The event divided by themes, want to tell the Pop movement in the years between end of the Fifties and beginning of the Seventies, thanks to 250 works by 80 different artists.
Zanotta shall attend it with two products still in collection: the Mezzadro stool and the Sella rocking seat, both designed by Achille & Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957.
The exhibition will be open for visits until February 9th, 2014.

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Verona / Zanotta at Abitare 100% Project

On the occasion of the next edition of Abitare 100% Project, being held at Fiera Verona from October 13th to 15th, Zanotta will attend with some of its products exhibited in the area "Kitchen Village" designed by Studio Adriani & Rossi.
Zanotta's historical icons are the protagonists of this setting: the Sacco easy chair, the Mezzadro stool, the Quaderna and Leonardo tables, the Allunaggio seat...

1 Images
Paris / Zanotta at the exhibtion “The tyranny of the objects” from October 16, 2013 to January 4, 2014.

Starting from October 16th, the exhibition “The tyranny of the objects” at the cultural space Galerie des Galeries at Galeries Lafayette in Paris will be open to the public. The exhibition aims to reenact the power game between man and the machine: objects stand in the centre of the installation telling their story and stealing man thunder.
Who is more controlling? Who obeys whom? Works by several artists and designers explore this relationship of interdependence and subjugation. Zanotta participates in this exhibition with the rocking seat Sella designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957.
The exhibition can be visited until January 4th, 2014 in Boulevard Haussman 40.

2 Images
Milan / Zanotta technical sponsor at Viscom (3 to 5 October 2013)

On the occasion of the 25th edition of Viscom, event focusing on Visual & Communication that takes place at Milan Fair premises, Zanotta sponsorizes the “Hybrid space” set up within this fair and conceived by Reed Exhibition with architect Paola Coronel as curator.
Zanotta attends with some furniture pieces of its own collection, in addition to a special edition of the famous easy-chair Sacco, made with a special printed fabric customized for this occasion. This fair focuses on interior decoration treated with the new digital printing technologies.

4 Images
Nimes / An exhibition held at Domus to tell about 60 years of Zanotta.

The showroom Domus in Nimes, in southern France, will host from September 26th next the exhibition “Zanotta, un parkours de 60 ans dans l’histoire du design” to celebrate the story and the everlasting contributions along a 60 year course made up by projects, encounters, experimentations.
A real path into the world of Zanotta: ranging from the historical products, that won the Compasso d’oro , to the new Edizioni like the items of Trans-Forma collection, to the area dedicated to two great designers like Mollino and Castiglioni.

1 Images
Vicenza / The Palladium Basilica hosts the exhibition on Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, from September 6th for one month.

A retrospective exhibition dedicated to Pier Giacomo Castiglioni, on his birth centenary, will open on September 6th next at the Palladium Basilica.
The exhibition is organized by the students of ISAI institute in Vicenza; Zanotta will attend with the seats Mezzadro and Sella, designed by the designer together with his brother Achille in 1957 and still in the Zanotta collection.
The exhibition can be visited until October 6th, 2013.

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Shanghai / The third step of the exhibition “Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence” will start at the Shanghai World Financial Center in Pudong on August 1st.

During the whole month of August the exhibition on Italian excellences, organized by Fondazione Altagamma in collaboration with the Italian Consulate and other Institutions that promote the made in Italy, will be hosted at the Shanghai World Financial Centre in Pudong.
Zanotta is always represented by the evocative shot taken by the photographer Lorenzo Cicconi Massi.

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Porto Cervo / An exclusive shop-window for the lounge chair Maserati by Zanotta from July 15 to September 15, 2013.

The prestigious frame of Deluxe Village by Harrods at the Old Marina in Porto Cervo, will host a 3-month Maserati temporary shop (July 15- September 15) where you can admire the armchair Grandtour realized in co-branding with Zanotta and presented during the Milan Furniture Fair last April.
A unique opportunity to rediscover the style atmosphere of Maserati lounge chair by Zanotta even on vacation.

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Paris / Zanotta participates to the rooms restoration of the Italian Institute for Culture in Paris

The cultural promotion plays a primary role in the Italian foreign politics and represents one of the main means of communication to the world. The 90 Italian Institutes of Culture are among the protagonists of the promotional initiatives organized by the Ministry of foreign affairs. The French Institute, based in Paris at the prestigious Hôtel de Galliffet, is one the most operative. The rooms restoration is the occasion to celebrate it. On June 21st the re-qualified spaces of the Italian Institute for Culture were presented to the public: the guest-quarters at rue de Grenelle, the direction’s secretariat, the entrance hall, the new kitchen assigned for the courses of Italian language and the mirrors room.

Products of the Zanotta collection were selected to furnish the guest-quarters with a rich series of design pieces: tables (Sanmarco, Reale, Orione), chairs (Lia, Eva, Tonietta), armchairs (Ardea, Lady), sofas(Pianoalto, Beta) and plenty of furnishing accessories (Sciangai clothes-stand, Cumano and Toi small tables, Servonotte bedroom clothes-stand and Lio stools).

1 Images
Milan / Sciangai celebrates its 40 years

Sciangai is one of the complements that most represents design from the ‘70s and this year celebrates 40 years.
This clothes stand was inspired by the Chinese game where wooden sticks are held in the hand and then dropped onto a table. With Sciangai each element constitutes a floor support and is, at the same time, a hanging place for hats and coats at its upper extremity, specially shaped to sustain each item. Elegant, anti-conformist and ecological it is made entirely from solid wood and can be closed making it much less bulky. Winner of various awards including the prestigious Compasso d’oro in 1979, Sciangai is on show in major museums worldwide.

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Asti / On June 21st the exhibition “La Rinascita” opens at Alfieri Palace until November 2nd, 2013.

The exhibition starting off on June 21st in three different exhibition seats in Asti (Mazzetti Palace, Ottolenghi Palace and Alfieri Palace) represents a twenty-years path of artistic and industrial production, that established Italy as the homeland of design, fashion and creativity.
Zanotta participates with twenty of its iconic-armchairs Sacco, that will be displayed in the native house of poet Vittorio Alfieri until November 2nd , 2013.

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Shanghai / The second step of the exhibition "Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence" will start at the Shanghai Italian Center on April 29th

The second step of the exhibition “Altagamma Italian Contemporary Excellence/The Truth Material – Italy in China” will open at Shanghai Italian Center on April 29th. The event is organized on the occasion of the twentieth anniversary of the Altagamma Foundation, that brings together the crème of Italian production. The exhibition will last until the end of June 2013. Zanotta is represented by the evocative black and white photographs taken by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi.

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Perugia / L’arte è un romanzo. La straordinaria storia delle parole che diventano immagini from April 24 to September 1, 2013.

At the renovated seat of Perugia’s civic museum (Palazzo della Penna) the exhibition “L’arte è un romanzo. La straordinaria storia delle parole che diventano immagini” is going to open and it will trace the history of literature from ‘900 to nowadays, ranging over the various kinds, supported by images, sculptures and videos. Some bookcases signed by famous designers will be exhibited as well, to emphasize the relationship between the world of books and the world of design and art works; among them we count the model Joy by Achille Castiglioni, that is still in the Zanotta collection.
The exhibition will be open to public until September 1, 2013.

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Pesaro / The Quaderna series at the exhibition "Superstudio/Backstage 1966-1978" from April 27 to May 26.

The exhibition "Superstudio /Backstage 1966-1978" will open on April 27 at Fondazione Pescheria-Centro Arti Visive in Pesaro. The show's title refers to the 70 digital prints taken from the photo archives of Cristiano Toraldo di Francia, one of the designers of the famous group Superstudio, which integrate and complete the path of the displayed works. The Quaderna console table and tables, designed by Superstudio in 1970, will be part of the exhibition. The exhibition will remain open until May 26.

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Milan / 2013 Zanotta FuoriSalone event

Zanotta and Maserati present the Lounge Chair Maserati by Zanotta: a unique and exclusive project, born from the encounter between two of the top protagonists of Italian style, presented in exclusive preview in Milan during the furniture fair at Zanotta Shop Milan, Piazza del Tricolore 2. Inauguration on 9 April at 7.30 pm From 10 to 14 April, 11 am to 8 pm

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Milan / Zanotta at Salone del Mobile 2013, from 9 to 14 April

From 9 to 14 April 2013 Zanotta will exhibit at the 52nd edition of the Salone Internazionale del Mobile in Milan. A meeting of international appeal, where the best design and furniture products are presented to a large and influential audience from all over the world.

Hall 16 - Stand A23-B16

1 Images
Naples / The Pavone chair at the exhibition "Riccardo Dalisi. Progettare per il mondo reale" from January 23rd, 2013 at PAN Palace of Arts in Naples

The anthological exhibition “Riccardo Dalisi. Progrettare per il mondo reale” will open on January 23rd at PAN Palace of Arts in Naples: a selection of objects, sketches, drawings, photographs taken from the Riccardo Dalisi’s archive, telling a research path that is more than fifty years. The Pavone chair, designed in 1986 and belonging to Zanotta Edizioni collection, will be one of the main protagonists. The exhibition will be open until February 24th.

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Paris / Zanotta at Now! Design à Vivre from 18 to 22 January 2013

At the next Now! Design à Vivre in conjunction with Maison Object 2013, many more professionals, buyers and leading opinion-makers in the sector are expected. The main reason is that over time, the manifestation has become an important watchtower for the observation of trends in the world of design, with leading-edge exhibitions and initiatives for trend scouting; as in the next “Inspiration Book n.21”, with its colors, designs, materials and fusion with other fields such as art and inter-disciplinary research. Zanotta will be exhibiting its new 2013 pieces together with a large collection of recent productions and the company’s great classics (hall 8 stand F49-G50). At the Nord Villepinte exhibition center from 18 to 22 January 2013.

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Milan / The exhibition "Altagamma - Italian Contemporary Excellence" at the Triennale from December 12th

For the twentieth anniversary of the Altagamma Foundation (that brings together the crème of Italian production) the festivities are about to begin: 12 December at the Triennale in Milan, marks the opening of the first leg of an exhibition of images taken from the book of photographs “Altagamma - Italian Contemporary Excellence” (Rizzoli International). The story of high-quality products made in Italy in the sectors of design, fashion, food, jewelry, high-speed motorization and hospitality, is told through the iconic images taken by 10 famous Italian new-generation photographers, chosen by Denis Curti the director of Contrasto and curated by Cristina Morozzi. Designed by Migliore+Servetto architects. Zanotta is represented by an evocative black and white photograph taken by Lorenzo Cicconi Massi. Spring 2013, Shanghai.

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Milan / At the Milan’s Triennale the exhibition “Kama. Sex and Design” opens its doors from December 5, 2012

On December 5th next the exhibition “Kama. Sex and Design” will open its doors, a selection of works that analyze the relationship between eros and project.
More than 200 pieces (drawings, photos, objects) will be on display to find out the historical, mythical and anthropological roots about this theme.
Zanotta is attending it with the mirror Milo, evoking the Venus of Milo’s shape, based on a design by Carlo Mollino.
The exhibition can be seen until March 10th , 2013 at the Milan’s Triennale.

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Kortrijk / Zanotta at Interieur 2012 from 20 to 28 October 2012

The biennial international design fair Interieur held in Kortrijk, Belgium since 1968 is one of the most awaited events on the calendar of designers and trade alike (the last edition had more than 93 thousand visitors). The 23rd Interieur exhibition is even bigger this year with areas for demonstrations and workshops in the historic center of the city. More than 300 brands from the best of international design are going to be present at the 40,000 m² fair: Zanotta is attending with a large stand exhibiting the new collections and historic pieces (Hall 1, Stand 126). There are many on-going events at the fair, in showrooms and in some of the most prestigious edifices, with prizes for innovative ideas, visions of interior design in the future, and new forms of communication. From 20 to 28 October 2012.

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Oostkamp / The Trans-Forma exhibition still on move, from 20 October in Belgium

The complete exhibition complete with seventeen historic Zanotta pieces proposed in a contemporary key by the designers at Fabrica in 2009, is arriving at the prestigious Belgian showroom T’Casteelken in Oostkamp. The iconic pieces transformed by the young designers and coordinated by Sam Baron (the inflatable Blow armchair, the Sella seat and the Quaderna table for example) continue to amaze thanks to their sheer evocative and visionary force. The Trans-Forma pieces are available as a limited and numbered series as part of the Zanotta Edizioni. From 20 October to 30 November 2012.
The exhibition can be visited in Gaston Roelandtstraat 1.

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Rovereto / The Sant'Elia armchair at the exhibition “The Magnificent Obsession”, from 26th October at MART

The exhibition “The Magnificent Obsession” at MART – Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Trento-Rovereto, is an important exhibition for the celebration of the 10th anniversary of MART. More than 1000 works will be displayed for a period of about one year, from 26th October 2012 to 06th October 2013, in a exhibition that recreates the “collector’s room”.
The Sant’Elia armchair, designed by Giuseppe Terragni in 1936 and internationally considered one among the most important expressions of the Modern Architecture, is part of the exhibition.

2 Images
Verona / Zanotta attends the exhibition “Next in Design” at Abitare il Tempo 100% Project from 21st to 23rd October

Abitare il Tempo 100% Project, organized by VeronaFiere, will host the exhibition “Next in Design” . It focuses on the use of materials, like: wood, metal, leather, glass, plastic, recycled materials. While always keeping a close eye on current and future design trends.

Zanotta attends the exhibition with the White Shell and Toi small tables, designed by Salvatore Indriolo, young designer winner of the competition of Young&Design 2012.

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Berlin / At the Humbolt University the exhibition “Expanding the grid. Zum Verhältnis von Körper und Raster” is now opening, from October 18th to December 13th 2012.

On October 18th next, the exhibition “Expanding the grid. Zum Verhältnis von Körper und Raster” will open, organized by the Institute for Art and Image History of the Humboldt University in Berlin.
This event gathers the artworks of 8 artists, starting from the 1970s and focuses on the relationship between the grid and the body, confronting the physical experience in reaction to the dimensions of the exhibition space, based itself on different parameters of grid.
The works by artists from worldwide are on show, including that by Bernd Trasberger who created an installation using the Quaderna console-bench by Superstudio in the Zanotta collection. The exhibition can be visited until December 13th at:
Institut für Kunst – und Bildgeschichte
Atrium im Pergamon Palais
Georgenstrasse 47

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Kortrijk / The exhibition "Déjà-vu!" among the main displays at Interieur 2012, from 20 to 28 October

Among the main displays presented at the modern Interieur 2012 fair at Kortijk is Déjà-vu! – curator Chris Meplon – an itinerary amid archetypes, ‘homages to…’, and design pieces that have created generations of déjà-vu impressions over the years; those elements that are proposed in countless variations, triggering the sense of having already seen them somewhere before. The intent is to open a new debate on the sense of innovation and creativity in contemporary design. Special pieces include the Sciangai clothes stand in natural beech by De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi for Zanotta (1973). From 20 to 28 October 2012.

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Weil am Rhein / Pop Art Design on show from 12 October

"Pop Art Design" is the title of the exhibition organized by the Vitra Design Museum in Weil am Rhein, the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art and the Moderna Museet of Stockholm, staged first at the Vitra Design Museum and then travelling around in 2013: famous Pop Art works from 1956 to 1972 are presented alongside design objects from the same period, in a dialogue that illustrates the reciprocal influence they had on each other. The exhibition areas are organized by theme: fetishism, exaggeration, and stylization etc. Each of the participating museums is contributing with a selection of works (Rauschenberg, Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Ettore Sottsass and Oldenburg for example) and encounters between artists and designers. In the catalogue the section on Italian art and design is edited by Germano Celant; Zanotta is showing the inflatable Blow armchair by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Scolari (1967). From 12 October.

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Almaty / The Sacco armchair flies to Kazakhstan for the exhibition “Extra-Ordinary Design – The Italian Way”, October 10th/11th 2012

Christmust, the famous monograph featuring a hundred of stories of the Made in Italy of the year, exports to Kazakhstan the exhibition “Extra-Ordinary Design – The Italian Way”, such portrait of Italy with its beauty and know-how. The exhibition will take place from October 10th and 11th 2012 at the Rixos hotel in Almaty, the main economic center of Kazakhstan, during a visit by a delegation of "Giovani Imprenditori di Confindustria" and selected entrepreneurs and companies.

The Sacco armchair, designed by Gatti-Paolini-Teodoro in 1968, one among the icons of the Italian Design, cannot miss this event.

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Moscow / The “Today’s Italian Excellences” on show at Krasny Oktyabr from 11th to 30th October 2012

The show “Today’s Italian Excellences” takes place within the events for the Year of Italian Culture and Language in Russia. The exhibition of Italian products, symbols of Made in Italy, will take place in the Krasny Oktyabr archeological-industry complex.
Among the many activities, an exhibition dedicated to the excellence in “Home System” will be set up, characterized by objects that made the Italian Design famous all over the world.

Zanotta is one of the main protagonists with the Sacco armchair, the Allunaggio seat, the Quaderna table and the Sciangai clothes stand. The exhibition will be open from 11th to 30th October 2012.

3 Images
Palermo / Reale, Ardea and Sacco at the exhibition “Design for Living” from 9th October to 11th November

Zanotta attends the exhibition “Design for Living”, organized within the event “I-Design”, a cultural-economic development project created for Palermo city. I-Design aims to enhance the local industrial design, within a national and international context for the creation of new jobs, training young people how to do business, opening reflection on the relationship between the local situation and the globalization.

The exhibition “Design for Living”, dedicated to the designer Carlo Mollino, takes place at the Palazzo Sant’Elia from 9th October to 11th November 2012.

The Reale table, the Ardea and Sacco armchairs, icons of Italian Design, will be part of the exhibition.

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Huangzhou / The exhibition “99 Icone” moves to China, from October 8 to 15, 2012.

After the Italian stages over the last few years, the exhibition “99 Icone” will move to China at the review “Italiaamo” in Hangzhou from October 8 to 15 next. The first-class Made-in Italy items belonging to the history of costume and industrial design from the post-war period to nowadays, will be on show.
Zanotta will be attending it with some icon-products of its collection:
occasional tables Cumano and Servomuto, easy-chair Sacco, stool Mezzadro, clothes-stand Sciangai and ash-tray Servomuto.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at the Exhbition “Picasso” at Palazzo Reale from 20th September to 6th January 2013.

The great masterpieces of the Musée Picasso collection are being presented in Italy for the first time at the great exhibition “Masterpieces from the Musée National Picasso in Paris” that brings to the rooms at Palazzo Reale about two hundred works that go back over the artist’s whole career, from his Blue Period to his final years. This tour, made up of paintings, sculptures, assemblages, graphic works and photography traces all the most important phases in the multifarious creative output of this great twentieth-century master.

Zanotta is technical sponsor of the exhibition with the Throw-Away sofas, armchairs and pouf designed by Willie Landels in 1965.

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Paredes / Paredes. The historic armchair Imperiale displayed at “Art on chairs” in Portugal.

At the exhibition “Art on chairs”, taking place from September 14 to November 18 next in Paredes, Zanotta has been invited to attend with the historic armchair Imperiale designed by Achille Castiglioni in 1983.
Architect Paolo Deganello is the exhibition’s curator, who conceived a path to think over the changes in the world of Design, starting from the production process of 11 historic seats representing the cultural heritage of living.

1 Images
Milan / The exhibition “Oggi il kitsch” at the Milan Triennale from June 13 to August 26, 2012.

Starting from the essay by Gillo Dorfles and published 1968, the exhibition at the Milan Triennale from June 13 aims at making a balance about the idea of “taste oscillation” that was spreading during the XIX century around the arts (painting, sculpture, architecture, fashion).
This exhibition consists of works, colours, sounds and images reminding the idea of kitsch, divided into 8 different themes.
Zanotta attends it with the object belonging to the Trans-Forma collection “Bunch of Tools”, re-interpretation of the historical clothes-stand Sciangai designed by De Pas-D’Urbino-Lomazzi 1973 and transformed by Catarina Carreiras of the creative laboratory Fabrica.
The exhibition will be open to the public until August 26, 2012.

1 Images
Mantua / The project “A casa Castiglioni” within Mantova Creativa, from May 24 to 27.

After exhibiting at Macef 2011 last September, the project “A casa Castiglioni”, curated by Giovanna Castiglioni and Marco Marzini by studio-museum Achille Castiglioni, is displayed again at Mantova Creativa, a container to express creativity.
In this context the exhibition “A casa Castiglioni” (at Castiglioni’s home), set up like a real home where every object finds its own place because it was designed for a specific function.
Among the various objects there will be out-of-production items, prototypes and design icons produced by historical companies, whom the Castiglioni brothers have cooperated with. Zanotta will attend this exhibition with several objects that are now considered as design icons: the tilting seat Sella, the stool Mezzadro, the seat Allunaggio, the folding table Cumano, the rotating shelf unit Joy, the Servi range (Servomuto, Servomanto, Servopluvio, Servofumo) and the small table Basello.
The exhibition will be open to public from May 24 to 27 at:
Palazzo Siliprandi
via Frattini 1

1 Images
Fügen / New stage of the exhibition “Trans-Forma” in Austria until August 31.

Starting from May 15 the exhibition “Trans-Forma”, that is displaying with great success 17 historical pieces of the Zanotta collection, re-interpreted in a contemporary key by the young Fabrica’s designers, will be hosted at the showroom Wetscher in Fügen (Austria), Zillertalstraße 20.
This exhibition will be open until August 31, 2012.

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Hamburg – Berlin - Düsseldorf – Vienna / Zanotta attends “Milano ha stile 2012” at Stilwerk.

Also for this year, Zanotta will present a selection of its latest collection at the Stilwerk in Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Berlin and Vienna. The event “Milano ha stile 2012” will take place with the cooperation of the magazine H.O.M.E. from May 10 to June 3 next.
Zanotta is participating with the brand new tables Spillo, by Damian Williamson, and the small tables Toi by Salvatore Indriolo, that won the Young&Design 2012.

1 Images
Milan / Salvatore Indriolo with Toi is among the winners of the Young & Design contest

Salvatore Indriolo, with its Toi small table manufactured by Zanotta and presented during the latest Milano Design Week, is among the winners of the competition Young&Design award 2012, annually organized by Rima Editrice.
The contest, open to young designers, has the aim to encourage young designers who have innovative projects taking away from what is already present in the history of industrial design and in the current market. A jury of experts have evaluated the projects: Filippo Alison, Louise Bocchietto, Medardo Chiapponi, Flavio Conti, Giorgio De Ferrari, Roberto Rizzi coordinated by Flavio Maestrini.

1 Images
Shanghai / Tradition and innovation. Italy in China. April 28, 2012 to January 31, 2013

After the appointment at the 2010 Expo in Shanghai, the link between our Country and China renovates thanks to the exhibition organized by La Triennale Milan, entitled “Tradition and Innovation. Italy in China”, that will take place from April 28, 2012 to January 31,2013.
On this occasion the Italian art, craftsmanship, fashion, design and technology will be presented to the public putting them in relationship with the Chinese culture.
This event represents an exchange between traditions and modernity and will be divided into 7 sections hosted at the culture town of the Shanghai Italian center.
Zanotta will attend this event with the Celestina chair, designed by Marco Zanuso in 1978.

1 Images
Milan / Cià ch'el fèm - Works of Heart, Made by Hands. FuoriSalone event_Zanotta Shop Milan, 18-22 April 2012

The title is a Milanese expression which means ‘Come on, we can do it’, a phrase that Achille Castiglioni often repeated to encourage both himself and anyone who was working with him on an idea, a project, or a prototype. Now it has been creatively adopted by the students of the Design Department of Naba Nuova Accademia di Belle Arti in Milan who, under the guidance of two architect-designers Marco Ferreri and Alessandro Guerriero, are giving life to an initiative promoted by Bosch and Zanotta. The project involves the creation of design prototypes, which are the students’ ideas, with their own hands. The tangible approach to working with material, and the rediscovery of artisan craftsmanship as an instrument for getting to know design dynamics is an important, formative moment for these young designers. During the Salone del Mobile, the prototypes are exhibited at the Milan Zanotta Shop and are submitted to voting by a public who can also make a donation in favor of the non-profit Fondazione Doppia Difesa association, which helps defend victims of discrimination, violence and abuse, above all women and children. Opening cocktail: Tuesday 17th April h. 7:30 p.m.

1 Images
Milan / Zanotta at the 51st Salone Furniture Fair, from 17th to 22nd April, Hall 16 - Booth A23-B16

“We have already created 50 editions of this important fair and we are now working passionately on the first of the next 50,” says COSMIT’s president Carlo Guglielmi, at the official presentation. The fair that is known to all as I Saloni, is the most important appointment in the furniture-design sector worldwide: 2,500 exhibitors in an area of 210,000 mq at the Milano-Rho exhibition center, 300,000 visitors from every part of the world (this year it will also be open to the public at the weekend) and hundreds of shows and initiatives all over the city of Milan. Zanotta will be at the fair with an ample stand (A23 - B16, Pav. 16) where numerous, new concept pieces will be exhibited, designed by the most important designers on the international scene. From 17 to 22 April 2012.

1 Images
Milan / The exhibition "The freshness of the idea" (from April 5 to May 5, 2012) at Polytecnic in Bovisa district.

An exhibition-tribute to the designers De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi that, in over 40 years of activity, have been able to invent an unconventional approach and an ironic design, which still exist nowadays. On show the clothes stand Sciangai, designed by the 3 architects in 1973 and winner of the Compasso d’Oro Award in 1979. The exhibition can be visited until May 5, 2012.

1 Images
Milan / The exhibition "The play and its rules" (from April 17 to June 17, 2012) at La Triennale.

An anthological exhibition, dedicated to the designers De Pas, D’Urbino and Lomazzi, is organized at La Triennale in Milan. It consists of a selection of iconic pieces, that represent the important contribution given by the three designers in the field of design, both under the point of view of research and experimentation. Zanotta attends this exhibition-tribute with the products designed in over 40 years of co-operation with the designers: the Blow inflatable armchair (1967), the Cassia chair (1974), the Sciangai clothes stand (1973) and the Onda sofa (1985). The exhibition can be visited until June 17, 2012.

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Milan / Zanotta at the exhibition "Ouverture 2012 – Design on/off" (from April 17 to 22, 2012) at the Space Emporio.

Among the numerous collateral events of the next Furniture Fair, Zanotta attends the exhibition “Ouverture 2012 – Design on/off” organized by the magazine Area. The exhibition focuses on the design objects with the characteristics of opening and closing, like: the Sciangai clothes stand, designed by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi in 1973 for Zanotta. It will be displayed in the “closed” and “opened” position. The exhibition can be visited until April 22 at Space Emporio in via Tortona 31.

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Milan / At Fuori Salone 2012 (17-22 April) Zanotta attends the events "Design Dance" and "Montenapoleone Design Experience".

During the FuoriSalone events 2012, Cosmit will organize two collateral events: “Design Dance” one show at the Triennale Art Theatre, telling about the marvelous design experience through a show of voices, bodies and objects, that interact each other. While the main Milanese fashion street will be the place for “Montenapoleone Design Experience”, a path created by small houses. Each of them represents a specific decade and it is set up with furniture symbol of those years. Zanotta attend both the events with some of products belonging to its collection: the Sella seat, the Blow inflatable armchair, the Sciangai clothes stand, the Mezzadro stools, the Sacco anatomical armchair, the Allunaggio seat for outdoors (for “Design Dance”), the Joy bookcase and the Quaderna console table (for “Montenapoleone Design Experience”). The events are open to public from April 17 to 22, 2012.

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Milan / Dalisi's jewellery from 28th February to 9th April at the Triennale Design Café

The Triennale Design Museum in Milan is presenting for the first time, the sustainable jewellery created by Riccardo Dalisi: one hundred pieces produced by hand by the artist and poetic designer in his atelier. The pieces (in brass, tin, tinfoil, and colored glass) radically reshape the notion of worth, tying it not to the mercenary preciousness of the jewellery, but to the originality and uniqueness of the creative treatment that the material undergoes. Dalisi, who over the years has designed various pieces of furniture and complements for Zanotta (among which is the renowned Mariposa bench, 1989) is the last exponent of the animist tradition in Italian design. All his creations seem to have a life of their own. At the Triennale Design Café until 9 April 2012.

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Lancaster / "A century of chair" exhibition at the Storey Gallery in Lancaster until 7th April 2012

At the Storey Gallery in Lancaster, England, an anthological exhibition called ‘A Century of chairs’ will soon begin, after a stopover at the 2011 Korean Biennale in Cheongiu where it attracted 420,000 visitors. The exhibition puts on show a vast collection of chairs from the 20th century, which come from the Design Museum of London. The chair is a principle design element in every epoch, an iconic object: it unifies basic functional research, ergonomic study, use of material, and a series of different assembly procedures that evolve with technology and innovation. Zanotta is exhibiting the Sella seat and the Mezzadro stool, both designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni (1957). On until 7 April 2012.

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Hasselt / From 4th February to 27th May the exhibition "Superbodies" at the Triennial of Contemporary Art

The third edition of the Triennial of contemporary Art, fashion and design will host the exhibition “Superbodies” starting from February 4 in the town of Hasselt. The event explores the fascination of artists and designers for the way in which the body moulds our experiences, often not consciously. A large, interactive ensemble of works shows us the body as a source of thoughts and emotions.
Zanotta participates with its emblematic product, the anatomical easy chair Sacco that will be exposed in one of the four exhibition locations: the cultural centre, Z33 the house of contemporary art, the fashion museum and the town museum.
The exhibition will be open for visits until May 27, 2012.

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Paris / Zanotta at Now! Design à Vivre 2012, from 20th to 24th January 2012 - Pav. 8 - Stand E47/F48

This is the claim made by the 2012 edition of the Parisian trade fair Maison Object and Now! Design à Vivre, gathered in the modern pavilions at the Paris Nord Villepinte exhibition center. Numerous thematic displays and exhibition stands ascertain emerging trends: such as the Home Influences, Urban Poetry and Living Design sections. Zanotta is participating with an exhibition space showing next year’s proposals, a selection of its most recent contemporary productions, plus some of the brand’s greatest classics for “home”. In Paris from 20 to 24 January 2012 - Pav. 8 - Zanotta Stand E47/F48

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Bologna / The signs of Emilio Nanni from 27 January to 17 March 2012 at the Art To Design gallery

Artist, architect and designer, Emilio Nanni is the protagonist of a personal show assembled rather like an ‘idealevolution’ with a selection of his most significant pieces in the ‘Sign?’ exhibition. It is organized by Fabriano Fabbri at the Art To Design gallery in Bologna, to be held in juncture with Arte Fiera OFF - Bologna 2012. Nanni’s finest pieces, developed by him since 1985 with the Arch+design studio are combined with his work as an artist, created during his latest period centered on the precise, refined graphic mark, drawn mainly with the black Bic which so characterizes his work. He has been designing for Zanotta since 2001. On from 27 January to 17 March 2012.

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Cologne / The exhibition "From Aalto to Zumthor- furniture design by architects" opens on 16 January at the Museum of Applied Arts

On January 16th the exhibition gathering some furnishing items designed by those architects who were the first designers in ‘900 will open at the Museum of Applied Arts in Cologne.
Coming from the permanent collection the furnishings by Frank Lloyd Wright, by the Bauhaus in addition to furniture items by most contemporary designers will be on show.
Zanotta will attend this exhibition, that will be open until April 22nd, with two products designed by the Design masters: the coffee table Arabesco, by a Mollino design and the lounge chair Maggiolina designed by Marco Zanuso.

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New York / Trans-Forma in the USA

The “Trans-Forma” exhibition, gathering 17 icon items from the Zanotta collection reinterpreted by Fabrica’s designers, comes back to the United States, and this time in New York City.
The extraordinary items of applied art, each produced in nine numbered examples and now part of Zanotta Edizioni, will be shown at the Zanotta Shop New York -181Madison Ave@34th Street. From 14th Dezember 2011.

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Milan / Il bello che fa bene

As is customary, during the Christmas festivities Zanotta participates in a charity event held in Milan organized by AiBi Amici dei Bambini, whose aim is to help find adoptive families for orphaned children the world over. In its tenth edition, the charity event ‘Il Bello che fa Bene’ foresees an inaugural evening in the prestigious Officine del Volo venue, with a gala dinner managed by top chefs, and the participation of celebrities from the world of culture and entertainment. This is followed by three weeks of fairtrade shopping open to the public in Via Montenapoleone 6, Milan. Zanotta is one of many prominent national and international companies to support the event, with a donation to AiBi 2011 of some of its products. On until 22 December.

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Mouans-Sartoux / Art et bicyclette

The charming Mouans castle is the location of a forthcoming exhibition, opening on December 11th, entitled “Art and bicycle”, an exposition path aiming to create a dialogue between art works and one object of our modernity: the bicycle. Beyond historical bicycles as well as more high-tech models, the works done by artists, painters, sculptors inspired by this means of locomotion will be on show.
Zanotta was invited to attend this event with the well-known rocking seat Sella designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1957 and still included in the Zanotta collection.
The exhibition is open for visits until June 3, 2012.

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Milan / 10 - 13 November 2011, Zanotta backs Love Design

The initiative , now reaching its 5th edition and being promoted by AIRC (Italian Association for Cancer Research) and by ADI (Association for Industrial Design), has become an important event that involves both social and cultural life of Milan city.
Love Design has the dual goal of backing research and creating a wide range of interests around Italian design. Zanotta gives its support by providing some designer items that will be sold at highly competitive conditions to the public.
The appointment is at the PAC - Pavilion of Contemporary Art in Milan from November 10 to 13, 2011.

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Verona / From October 17 to 19, Zanotta will attend “Abitare il Tempo 100% Project”

From October 17 to 19, Zanotta will attend the 26th edition of Abitare il Tempo in Verona, now featuring a brand new concept “100% Project”.
Thanks to this new and innovative formula Abitare il Tempo has been converted from fair into the first convention-meeting of distribution in the furniture market: an interesting event for knowledge, training and information to raise new perspectives and ideas on the distribution in our business.
This happening will take place thanks to the cooperation with Federmobili and Innova, and is accompanied by a rich and extensive program of non-stop workshops and meetings that, along with countless events and theme-related exhibitions in the world of design and distribution, represent strategic assets of this event.
Zanotta will also attend the exhibition "Materials" curated by Giulio Cappellini, with the easy-chair Sacco, showcased with a new cover Volo.

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Rome / "Design, an Italian history" at the Mercati di Traiano site from September 15 to October 15, 2011

The wandering exhibition “Design, an Italian history” is the first of many activities included in the programme by MeetDesign, an innovative multichannel platform, whose aim is primarily to spread the acquaintance of Italian Design.
An unprecedented selection of items shows a transversal overview of design typologies, ranging from 1948 up to nowadays and explains the extraordinary work of both designers and Italian entrepreneurs.
Zanotta will attend this exhibition with two iconic products: the Sacco easy chair by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro (1968) and the Blow inflatable armchair designed by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Scolari (1967).
From September 15 to October 15, 2011 at the archeological site Mercati di Traiano in Rome.

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Paris / Hors Piste, at Maison & Objet fair from September 9 to 13, 2011

During the next fair Maison & Objet in North Paris, Zanotta will attend the collateral exhibition “Hors Piste”. The exhibition conceived by François Bernard, explores the world of sport where the Design finds a singular energy to make the new forms dynamic.
Zanotta attends this event with the docking seat Sella, designed by the Castiglioni brothers in 1957.

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Milan / Class 25 - The Option of Luxury at the Triennale from September 8 to October 2, 2011

For celebrating 25 years of Class Editori, the exhibition «C 25 — Option of luxury» will kick off at the Triennale on September 8.
On show 250 objects from the various high-end companies – ranging from design to fashion, from car to technology – that retrace the history of luxury and try to understand what it was, what it is today and how it is changing.
A “living” exhibition set up with various interactive supports and stimuli. The visitors in fact through a path between the products can interact with and contextualize thanks to the tablets, smart phones, computers and web book and learn about the evolution in the history and trends in the world.
Zanotta will attend the exhibition with the table Reale, tribute to Carlo Mollino designed in 1946.

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Milan / Tre racconti di fantasia, at the AbitaMi fair from September 8 to 11, 2011.

On September 8th next the exhibition “Tre racconti di fantasia” (Three fantasy stories) will open, devoted to three typical Italian design phenomena where the project Alchimia stands out. Among its founders we find Alessandro Mendini, artist-designer and author of some projects that are still in the Zanotta Edizioni collection.
Among the objects produced by Zanotta that will be showcased at the pavilions of the fair-laboratory AbitaMi we mention: the table/chair Zabro, the console table Agrilo and the bowls Cuculia.
The exhibition will be open from September 8 to 11 at the FieraMilano premises during the Macef trade fair.

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Milan / A casa Castiglioni, at the AbitaMi fair from September 8 to 11, 2011.

Within the next Macef fair, a new fair-laboratory “AbitaMi” dedicated to the home will be hosted, aiming at showing and enhancing the activity of research and innovation, that excellence companies and designers are bringing out.
In this context the exhibition “A casa Castiglioni” (at Castiglioni’s home), set up like a real home where every object finds its own place because it was designed for a specific function.
Among the various objects there will be out-of-production items, prototypes and design icons produced by historical companies, whom the Castiglioni brothers have cooperated with. Zanotta will attend this exhibition with several objects that are now considered as design icons: the tilting seat Sella, the stool Mezzadro, the seat Allunaggio, the folding table Cumano, the bench Camilla, the kneeling-stool Primate, the rotating shelf unit Joy, the Servi range (Servomuto, Servopluvio, Servofumo) and the table Leonardo.
The exhibition will be open from September 8 to 11 at the FieraMilano premises.

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Woking, Surrey / Snap, Crackle & Pop: Art meets the high street in Post War Britain” from August 2 to September 30, 2011.

The first exhibition entirely dedicated to Pop Art in Great Britain will open on 2 August next at the museum The Lightbox in Woking, Surrey.
The exhibition explores the course of modernity in the Post-War Great Britain, when products and the way they were sold contributed for the birth of mass consumerism.
Zanotta has been invited to join it with two symbolic items of that period, still in collection: the inflatable armchair Blow, designed by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Scolari in 1967 and the anatomical easy-chair Sacco by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro in 1968.

The Lightbox
Chobham road
Woking, Surrey

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Nurnberg / Alessandro Mendini: Wunderkammer Design, at the Neues Museum from July 21 to October 23, 2011.

On July 21 next the exhibition on Alessandro Mendini’s work will open, organized by the Nurnberg’ Neues Museum in cooperation with Munich’ Die Neue Sammlung.
Mendini, who is counted among the outstanding personalities of the international design, will turn the exhibition area at the New Art and Design Museum into a Hall of Design Wonders.
For him, who means his architect and designer’s creations as an ongoing research, a journey and an odyssey, this setting offers the opportunity to summarize and present about 80 design objects, that are witnesses of his 40 years artistic journey.
Zanotta attends this important event with three products of the “Edizioni” collection: the table-chair Zabro (1984), the chest of drawers Cetonia (1984) and the table Macaone (1985) that has been re-issued this year by Zanotta.
The exhibition is open until October 23, 2011.

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Bruxelles / Zanotta at ConTract from June 8 to 9, 2011

This international event was created in Europe’s capital city Brussels for interior design specialists. Hosted by ConTract, the result of a fusion between two Benelux fairs: Mobile and Intirio (Texirama), it’s organized in the modern Tour&Taxis exhibition area in Brussels. The B2B (business-to-business) formula presents furnishing lines that are representative of design philosophy, from contemporary design and decorative styles, to coverings, furnishing fabrics and outdoor furniture - with special attention going towards the hotel sector. Zanotta is participating with a selection of new products, and a review of its classic pieces in the catalogue. The exhibition takes place on 8 - 9 June 2011, from 13.00 to 20.00. (

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New York / Zanotta in N.Y.

The new shop-in-shop Zanotta opens in the showroom Domus Design Collection (DDC) in New York, at 181 Madison Avenue @ 34th.
The opening on May 16 gathers New York architects and designers along with a short list of international designers and opinion leaders. With this showroom, Zanotta aims to a gradual and qualified growth of the company in the U.S. market. DDC, beyond contributing for the success of Made in Italy overseas, as showcase of excellence, is considered one of the landmarks of contemporary living in the Big Apple and one of the most consolidated reality for the sale of furniture design in New York.

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Schio / Un coro a tre voci, oggetti e architetture di De Pas, D'Urbino, Lomazzi from May 14 to July 10, 2011

ISAI, Institute of Interior Architecture in Schio (Vicenza), has organized the exhibition about the works designed by the architects De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi gathering the projects made in the fields of architecture and design.
About 40 objects have been collected to tell the design under the viewpoint of research and product quality.
Among the products on show, six pieces have been manufactured by Zanotta over the years: the inflatable armchair Blow, the stool Giotto, the clothes-stand Sciangai, the armchair Cassia, the chair Palmira and the sofa Onda.
The exhibition is open from May 14 to July 10, 2011 at the exhibition premises of the Lanificio Conte in Schio.

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Milan / Zanotta at the International Furniture Fair 2011, from April 12 to 17 , 2011.

Zanotta will present its novelties 2011 within the leading exhibition in furniture/design field. We will wait for you at the International Furniture Fair in Milan from April 12 to 17, 2011 Pav. 16 - Booth A23-B16

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Milan / SuperSuite Zanotta Larusmiani in via MonteNapoleone

A hotel Suite is par excellence the most refined space, one that is reserved to the most demanding guests. A Suite is not only a large room but a group of correlated spaces, small, large or multi-purpose. In a Suite, one immediately feels at ease. Like at home, people can not only stay but also live. Zanotta and Larusmiani perform a style exercise and, interpreting the etymology of the word, coined in late Renaissance in the musical field, present the idea of a SuperSuite that stems from the mutual values of the brand names. The search of beauty, the sense of elegance, the tradition, the innovation and the manufacturing excellence in the products are the distinctive features of Zanotta and Larusmiani, two historical brands, masters of the Italian style in fashion and design. We will wait for you in via MonteNapoleone angolo via Verri 10, from 13 to 17 April, 2-9 p.m.

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Milan / Zanotta Shop, presentation of 2011 novelties from 12 to 17 April

During the days of the International Furniture Fair in Milan at the Showroom in Piazza Del Tricolore 2, Zanotta will present the 2011 novelties. We will wait for you from 12 to 17 April, from 11 to 20 pm Every evening free aperitif from 5.30 to 8 p.m.

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Milan / Dream Factories

The Triennale Museum of Design, at its fourth edition, is celebrating 50 years of the Furniture fair with an inauguration of an exposition that celebrates the men, the companies and the projects that contributed to the creation of Italian design from postwar to the present day, honouring its undisputed international success. The exposition, prepared by Alberto Alessi and Martí Guixé, is inspired by Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland where objects communicate with designers in an evocative and playful environment, and the tales they tell interweave with personal biographies. Visitors can see objects and furnishings that became cult, like the Sacco easy chair designed by Piero Gatti, Cesare Paolini and Franco Teodoro for Zanotta. Open until 26 February 2012.

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Pisa / “Donne d'Italia. La metà dell'Unità” on show at Palazzo Blu.

The Foundation Palazzo Blu, with the support of the Foundation CariPisa, presents the exhibition "Donne d'Italia. La metà dell'Unità". The installation will be held in Pisa at the exposition space BLU | Art and Culture Palace from 16 March to 26 June 2011. The exhibition tells the story of our Country, lived through the voices and the stories of its women and it is among the different celebrations for the 150th anniversary of Italy’s Unification. Five Sacco armchairs, designed by Gatti, Paolini, Teodoro in 1968, will be displayed in the hall named “IoSonoMia!” (“IamMine!”) dedicated to the joyful demonstrations in the squares by the girls of the Seventies.

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Vilnius / The tour of “Trans-Forma” exhibition continues in Lithuania.

The tour of “Trans-Forma” exhibition continues with great success. The exhibition collects 17 historical pieces of the Zanotta collection, re-interpreted in a contemporary key by the young Fabrica’s designers. The new step in Vilnius organised by InStyle will be held at the Academy of Arts from 17th March to 2nd April 2011 (Tuesday-Friday from 12:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m.). The vernissage will be on 16th March at 6:00 p.m. Vilnius Academy of Arts Exhibition hall Titanikas Maironio str.3 LT-01124 Vilnius

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Sydney / The last Australian step of the exhibition "The Italian way of seating" is going to start.

The exhibition "The Italian way of seating" will stop in Australia before returning to Italy definitively. The products will be displayed at Sydney Convention & Exhibition Centre - from 14 to 16 March 2011 - on the occasion of the international Hotel Hospitality & Design Expo trade fair. Zanotta is glad to continue attending the event with the following products: Pavone chair, Mezzadro stool, Blow and Sacco armchairs, Tonietta and Lia chairs.

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Paris / Appointment at the Now Design à Vivre 2011!

Zanotta is participating in “Now! Design à Vivre” in Paris with the ultimate new releases that are published in its catalogue, and with previews of 2011. The ultimate tables, chairs, beds, upholstered items and accessories, along with original covers and finishes. The Parisian event, whose success is rising, will host the leaders of international design at the continuously revisited pavilions in Paris-Nord Villepinte. The famous Trade Fair of furnishing items yearly showcases leading production trends, alongside exhibitions and conferences held by avant-garde architects and interior designers (this year the event is featuring the 10 years of the trade fair). Zanotta’s fittings at the Now! will be placed in stand E17/F18, Pavilion 8 on 21 - 25 January 2011.

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Shenzhen / The wandering exhibition “Loghi d’Italia. Storie dell’arte di eccellere” goes on at the Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum from 20 January to 13 February 2011.

After its huge Italian and European success, the international tour of “Loghi d’Italia. Storie dell’arte di eccellere” exhibition will go on this year in Asia and America. The first step will be from 20 January to 13 February 2011 at the Shenzhen Guan Shanyue Art Museum in China. Zanotta will attend the event with the Quaderna table, designed by Superstudio in 1970.

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Cologne / Carlo Mollino's works on show at Galleria Edith

The famous architect from Turin is well known for the method adopted in designing objects and architectural structures. He first extensively studied the forms and characteristics of nature, and then shifted to the project, as one can notice from the harmonious profile and from materials used to create items designed by Mollino in the ’40s and ’50s and then produced by Zanotta. The outcome of his analyses, the resulting sketches and final drawings that produced furniture items, accessories and buildings will be exhibited in an anthological exhibition held at Galleria Edith in Cologne. It is not a mere “homage” to the famous author, but a live and documented itinerary that translated the master’s lesson into ideas for the present. From 19 November to 29 January 2011.

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Geneva / The Trans-Forma exhibition moves to Switzerland

The exhibit of icon items from the Zanotta collection reinterpreted by Fabrica’s designers continues its world tour. It is now the turn of Swiss Geneva to host the extraordinary items of applied art, each produced in nine numbered examples, at the B-Plan showroom that displays the entire series of Trans-Forma. Many are the fortunate sites of the exhibition, which took its first steps at the Zanotta Shop in Piazza Tricolore during the design week in Milan 2009. And after Venice, Athens, Miami and Liegi, the event Trans-Forma continues to amaze design enthusiasts. The clothes stand Sciangai, the chair Sella, the inflatable armchair Blow and other unforgettable items reinterpreted with flair and now part of Edizioni Zanotta are exhibited at B-Plan until 31 January 2011 (

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Kortrijk / On 15 – 24 October 2010 Zanotta will participate in the 22nd edition of INTERIEUR.

Zanotta will present its latest novelties along with a selection display of the most famous pieces in its collection at this major design review. The Zanotta space will be at Hall 1- Stand 109

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Lodz / (Poland). The Blow armchair at the exhibition “Under Pressure” on the occasion of the 4th edition of Lodz Design Festival.

The exhibition “Under Pressure” will be organized on the occasion of the 4th International Festival of Design in Lodz from 14th to 30th October 2010. The exhibition is an original combination of projects, whose starting point is the many opportunities offered by the use of compressed air combined with different materials. Zanotta will participate with the inflatable armchair Blow, designed by De Pas, D’Urbino, Lomazzi and Scolari in 1967.

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Milan / The new edition of Fineco Financial Village takes.

The new edition of Fineco Financial Village takes off from the Teatro Franco Parenti in Milan. It is the travelling show with Zanotta furniture that stops in the prestigious locations of science and culture. The 2010 appointments, organised by Fineco Bank, focus on the financial market scenarios and are open to the public. This fall’s five stops, in addition to the Milan show on 18th October, are: Palazzina di Caccia Stupinigi in Turin - (October 21), Stazione Marittima Centro Congressi in Naples (October 28), Chiostro dei Domenicani in Lecce (November 04), Palazzo Corsini in Florence (November 11) and Complesso Monumentale Santo Spirito in Saxia in Rome (November 18). Zanotta pieces of furniture – the Kate and Lia chairs, the Sanmarco tables, the Cumano occasional tables, the Cubica armchairs and the Alfa poufs – will make the meetings comfortable and functional.

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London / At the London Design Festival the project Metamorphosis combines the cooperation between Stone Island and Zanotta.

From September 18 to 26, 2010 during the London Design Festival, the flagship store Stone Island set the project Metamorphosis where 5 easy-chairs Sacco Zanotta are made with coverings by the famous clothing brand. Stone Island 46 Beak street London

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Detmold / Zanotta at the exhibit “Sitzkultur: die Geschichte des Sitzens” at the Lippisches Landesmuseum.

On June 29 last the permanent exhibition “Sitzkultur: die Geschichte des Sitzens” (Seating culture: the history of seat) was opened, organized at the Lippisches Landesmuseum, with the cooperation of the University of Ostwestfalen-Lippe. The exhibition aims at presenting a heterogeneous furniture collection including about 170 pieces from 1850 to nowadays, designed by the major designers in the world. Zanotta is pleased to announce that the seat Sella, designed by Achille and Pier Giacomo Castiglioni in 1957, still in collection has been selected to participate in this event as example of timeless design. Lippisches Landesmuseum Ameide 4 32756 Detmold

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Rovereto / The Futurist art house Depero opens the exhibition “Mendini>Depero”.

The next May 8th the exhibition “Mendini>Depero” will open, promoted by the MART to celebrate the Futurist movement and Fortunato Depero. Paying tribute to the great artist, Alessandro Mendini, undisputed protagonist of the Italian culture of last century, author of the table/chair Zabro, belonging to the Zanotta Edizioni collection; this piece will be on show until April 17th, 2010.

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Ascoli Piceno / Zanotta participates in the exhibition “Radical Memories”, celebrating the radical design, with the Quaderna range.

On the occasion of the International Biennial of Design in Ascoli Piceno, the exhibition “Radical Memories” will take place to celebrate and witness the birth of radical design, where one of the protagonists is the Superstudio team, which designed the Quaderna series, put into production by Zanotta starting from the Seventies and still included in the collection. Some items from this historical series are exhibited: the table, the console-table and the bench. The exhibition will open on April 24 at Palazzo dei Capitani and will stay on until May 16, 2010 accompanied by collateral events that will take place within the Biennial.

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Luxembourg / The exhibition “Trans-Forma” makes a stop at Carrerouge.

Following its success in Milan, Venice and Athens, the exhibition “Trans-Forma” that collects 17 historical pieces of the Zanotta collection, re-interpreted in a contemporary key by the young Fabrica’s designers, will be set up at Carrerouge in Luxembourg from April 23 to June 6 during the Design City Days. Carrerouge Rue de Hollerich, 119 1741 Luxembourg

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Milan / Furniture Fair 2010

Zanotta will present its novelties 2010 within the leading exhibition in furniture/design field. We will wait for you at the International Furniture Fair in Milan Pav 8 Stand A23-B20 from April 14 to 19