AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Florence / The centennial from the birth of Achille Castiglioni is celebrated at Le Murate and at Self Habitat.

The Tuscan main town celebrates Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday, with a special setting at the Self Habitat showroom and with an appointment of the cycle “Lessons of Design” completely dedicated to the great Milanese architect, at the space “Le Murate Progetti Arte e Cultura”.

AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Bergamo / An installation and a puzzle to pay homage to Achille Castiglioni’s hundred years.

The event Il Legno dalla natura alle cose pays homage to the centenary of the Master with an installation entitled “100 Achille Castiglioni playing with design and wood”.

AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Bern / Exhibition AchilleCastiglioni100th at the showroom Zona.

Another stage of the travelling exhibition "AchilleCastiglioni100th" organized by showroom Zona that, during the initiative LOUBE CHEHR, will set up the exhibition dedicated to the 100th anniversary of Achille Castiglioni.

AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Ancona / Achille Castiglioni 100th.

In the year of Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday Zanotta pays homage to the famous architect and designer with an exhibition dedicated to him, inspired by the setup of the historic travelling exhibition “Alla Castiglioni” 1995-1998.

AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Milan / Fuori Salone 2018

In the year of Achille Castiglioni’s 100th birthday Zanotta wants to pay tribute to the Master and recall the relationship between the designer and the company.

AchilleCastiglioni 100th

Brussels / Italian Design Day 1 March 2018.

The Italian Institute of Culture dedicates the international day of Italian Design to Achille Castiglioni, among the most beloved Italian designers, who shall be celebrated by an active dialogue between two outstanding speakers: Matteo Ragni (designer) and Giovanna Castiglioni, Achille’s daughter, of whom we celebrate the 100th anniversary since his birth this year.

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