Ettore Sottsass

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«In my opinion, design is one way to discuss life. It is a way to discuss society, politics, eroticism, food and even design. Lastly, it is a way to build a possible figurative utopia or to build a metaphor of life.» In this outlook, perhaps we find one of the reasons that drove Ettore Sottsass, Jr. to meet with Zanotta and the public it addresses through design.

That was back in the early 1980s, the days of changeover from Alchemy to Memphis. The same days that Morozzi-Branzi and Trini Castelli carried out “Decoration research”for Zanotta (Compasso d’Oro selection). And the same days when Sottsass designed the corner element Cantone, of which he drew up the black and white “Bakterio” drawing of the laminate surfaces for Abet Print. More than a piece of furniture, Cantone is a handmade sculpture: three overlaid segment-shaped shelves, a corner leg in black lacquered wood and six front legs in silver-plated brass. The modern interpretation of the corner classic can sit “only like a monument in a square,” paraphrasing a definition of Sottsass.

(note: the product Cantone mentioned in this article has been discontinued)