Fortunato Depero


Fortunato Depero, the artist who was one of the protagonists of the Futurism movement headed by Marinetti and promoted by Boccioni, Russolo and Balla.

Action, evocative communication and provocative awakening are Depero’s qualities, which are consistent with the futurist spirit. Paintings like “Squisito al selz Campari”, the posters, applied arts products, collages and furniture items are all famous. Of these, Zanotta's Edizioni number the stool homage to Remida, which reproduces an original design by the artist (1922).

Depero followed a vital, exuberant and polyphonic track amidst the extensive selection of creative interventions of his time. The museum-house from Trentino (that he formed in 1919 in Rovereto) treasures over 30,000 unique items, which bear evidence of experimentation that offers examples of decorations and shapes that are still feasible today.

(note: the product Remida mentioned in this article has been discontinued)