Kate, the outdoors chair

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A chair destined to follow in the shadow of success..

...because it was created as a plastic chair, but goes beyond just that: stackable, flexible, resistant to moisture and wear and tear, coloured and suitable for any setting. Kate was created by Roberto Barbieri and produced by Zanotta with the atouts of even an elegant and decidedly comfortable chair. An indoor-outdoor chair for informal spaces and for those with style. “I have wanted to design a plastic chair for Zanotta for some time now. I was able to do so and am happy with the results,” says the designer who normally is not one to self-congratulate. “I am proud of it because it is a simple, plastic chair that becomes a modern design object. Polypropylene, the first superior plastic for chairs could have been a choice, but it doesn’t have the resistance of polyamide and tends to attract dust and to stain. This was clear both to myself as well as to the manager of Zanotta’s Technical Office, Daniele Greppi, who immediately suggested working with coloured polyamide paste and a gas-supported injection production process to obtain more consistent hollow sections (strong and lightweight). Each chair is taken from the mould in a glossy coloured version. This is Kate’s second strong point. The third: the most common plastic chairs are stackable and resistant but not very comfortable. I used larger dimensions to design the width of the seat and the breadth and height of the backrest, making the chair more comfortable (I deeply studied the structure and wide, round shape). The people at Zanotta agreed with me on this point when they approved the idea, which coincided with expanding their outdoor range and they said: all right, let’s make this first plastic chair, as long as it is “important.” Mr. Greppi adds, “The fact that Kate’s shape and manufacturing have been carefully chosen make it a competitive product with other chairs of its kind (at a reasonable price). As for the production, we have obtained high performance when it comes to strength, even with the contained proportions of the sections. Kate can withstand 200 kg on its seat and up to 80 kg thrust on its backrest – without bending and collapsing. These are excellent results. This is proof of the detailed attention we pay to the quality of our open-air products,” concludes the manager of Zanotta’s Technical Office. “Selected materials, comfort and ergonomic design make them just as valuable as pieces of interior design.”