Spillo, the top becomes structure

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The series of Spillo tables by Damian Williamson for Zanotta uses constructive innovation to create maximum purity of form.

The English designer Damian Williamson designed the Spillo table in 2012. The project stands out for its pure and essential design, and its innovative method of construction. “The table top becomes a structural element in its own right. The secret lies in the UV polymerization gluing process between the underside of the plate glass top and the half-circle legs in die cast aluminum,” explains the designer. “I imagined a collection of tables that were deceptively simple which reflected the, then, futuristic solution utilized for the Marcuso table created by the architect Marco Zanuso in 1970. With Spillo I have the honor of having obtained an analogous result of notable stability, combined with lightness and great elegance of form. I was searching for a linear and ‘invisible’ solution that gave stability to the legs under the table top.” The absence of invasive sustainment in both tables translates, in aesthetic terms, into a refined, tempered clear plate glass top, with die cast aluminum legs, polished or varnished black or white. For the design and the construction of the legs, Williamson reveals, “in the beginning, with the first prototype, the legs were designed with an extrusion system that created the two connecting pieces. In the end though, the ‘solid’ die cast aluminum alloy solution was the winner.” After the great success of the year before, the Spillo table was presented again in 2013 with a new look, thanks to the new finish in polished cement applied to the glass table top. Williamson explained: "This new finish complete Spillo, ranging from transparent to opaque. The very down-to-earth surface in cement extends the range, adapting it to the atmosphere you are trying to create. In both cases, the structural integrity of the glass surface remains the same". An innovative use of materials and advanced technology are two constant features of the English designer's work. In fact, the cement used for the Spillo finish has an acrylic finish and a nano-technology stain-resistant treatment based on titanium dioxide. The Spillo table with cement finished surface comes with polished aluminium or grey varnished legs.