The set-up and partners

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The evolution of living

Tihany Design's project enhances the elements and the development of the house in a constant dialogue between old and new, with a great centrality of greenery and outdoor spaces, staging the evolution of living as a hybrid place where new functions such as remote work and relationships come together. Considering these aspects, as the first author has been chosen one of the most important New York studios specialized in the sector, which conceived the set-up as an alternation between private/domestic spaces and other public/work/social spaces, confirming the transversality of the Zanotta collection and the company's desire to confront different worlds – from hospitality to the community – always with so much attention to the person and taking into account the lifestyles that emerged after Covid.

Zanotta's products thus enter the living room, the dining room, the studio, the gallery, the 2 bedrooms, even the different terraces, in a kind and flexible way at the service of new functions, with the aim of making the environments totally liveable at different times and usable from time to time as a hub for business meetings, space for exhibitions or presentations, club for exclusive events. But Zanotta House New York is also a collective project, including the collaboration of other international companies that share with Zanotta the commitment to research and quality, according to a new distribution model. In this context Viabizzuno, as project partner has dealt with lighting in every part of the house with an innovative approach, interpreting natural light and reducing consumption. Kvadrat is a partner of the textile and curtain part; CCTapis has been selected for carpets; Bellino Linens for household linen; the comfort of sleeping is guaranteed by Magniflex premium mattresses; for the home decór Bosa (ceramics) and Venini (glass); the services for the table are by Luigi and Rocco Bormioli; and for the food & beverage part brands of excellence such as Tartufi Urbani and Ca' Del Bosco have been involved. All the artworks displayed are part of Art of the World, one of Los Angeles' most important contemporary collections. Among the works chosen are internationally renowned artists such as Mr. Brainwash, the famous French street and pop artist. The green, curated by Rossana Capurso, is intended as an integral part of the house and marks the rhythm of seasons in harmony with nature. The project follows sustainability principles, favouring the recovery of rainwater for irrigation and the integration of different species of plants.

The link with the urban tissue starts from the showcase, conceived as a link between the outside and the inside, a glazed capsule that becomes an impacting space for the brand's communication towards the metropolitan context. In this first release the protagonist is the Quaderna, in the year of its 50th anniversary: atotal square look covers the floor and walls - thanks to the customized wallpaper developed with Wallpepper - to display with expressive power the disruptive and provocative principles of the project, courageously put into production by Zanotta in 1971, symbol of radical design.

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