Kate 2089

Design Roberto Barbieri - 2008

Stackable chair. Polyamide chair, seat upholstered in polyurethane. Non removable cover in Ecofire, leather or cowhide 95.


From design to product

Some designers clearly have areas of specialisation, themes on which they continuously reflect and on which they have become leaders in their field. Roberto Barbieri found his in the chair, considered by all great designers to be the most difficult to approach. This, his speciality, is the area in which he has dedicated most of this time and attention. And in doing so, Barbieri put into play a unique ability to “mark” this domestic presence with measured forms and correct proportions in a rare manner that, before him, had been seen only in the great era of Nordic design.

Take Kate for example, a stackable polyamide chair (made using the air moulding technique, and also available in a covered version) that is clearly comfortable, light and solid at the same time, and which is poised to become a classic thanks to a “recipe” that is difficult to describe in words: good taste, instinct and grace, qualities that, in the case of Roberto, neatly reflect his own special, human nature.