Design Dominique Mathieu - 2002

Table. Signed original. Glossy lacquered wooden legs and frame, colours red (Ral 3003), white (Ral 9016) or black (Ral 9005). 12 mm thick plate glass top.


Zanotta Edizioni *

Born from the experimentations of Zabro Zanotta Edizioni is a special collection of furnishing items verging on art and design.  Items in this collection are inspired by the Italian artistic handcrafting tradition. Free from the bonds of industrial production, they are charged with the powerful charm of "handmade” objects.

I playfully used an archetype. “Dorian” was the product of the joy of removing, beautifying and surprising. It was the fruit of an alliance between styles and “savoir-faire”. The clear top reveals the precious turned wood and the amplified volume of the feet: it is an invitation to be a voyeur. I wanted it to be an object of desire and pleasure, provoking and sensual. This form pays homage to the artisans’ skill; in this object it manifests itself in a touching, generous way. Only Zanotta Edizioni could legitimize such an approach in today’s context: I thank them.

Dominique Mathieu