Design Dominique Mathieu - 2006

Small table. Signed original. Steel base, glossy lacquered wooden legs and top in the colours: red (Ral 3003), white (Ral 9016) or black (Ral 9005).


Zanotta Edizioni *

Born from the experimentations of Zabro Zanotta Edizioni is a special collection of furnishing items verging on art and design.  Items in this collection are inspired by the Italian artistic handcrafting tradition. Free from the bonds of industrial production, they are charged with the powerful charm of "handmade” objects.

I designed this table thinking of my favorite café, the "caffé de la Pace" in Roma, where I appreciate this inimitable patina of time giving to this place a typically italian charm and a British touch propitious to peaceful halt.

Dominique Mathieu