Design Fattorini+Rizzini+Partners - 2011

Storage units. Steel sheet frame painted the shade of white. Storage units can be either open, or with drawers or with a patented sliding door (patent n° MI2011A000131). Open storage units are available painted in the shade of red (Ral 3003), yellow (Ral 1023) or anthracite (Ral 9004) on the inside. All storage units can be placed in a row or stacked in columns the same width or, however, not stacked at intermediate points of underlying storage unit widths. The maximum distributed load must not exceed 1,5 kg / dm2. Starting from the second level upwards, all storage units must be fastened to wall. The max allowed height of the compositions is 184 cm.


A set of modular elements

Apparently simple projects, the result of a great feat of engineering, and object, like other projects by Fattorini + Rizzini + Partners, of original industrial patents. Adhoc is a set of modular elements that can be put together and stacked, designed as slender open containers (with drawers or disappearing cabinet door) and made with a structure in white-painted steel sheeting, with staggered sections coloured yellow, red and anthracite.

"Adhoc stems from the desire to create a home furnishing system with an historically industrial material. Unlike other materials commonly used in the furniture sector, the sheet metal has allowed us to work with 1.5-mm thick plates. Thanks to a special patented compass opening solution, the door folds away inside the container with no lateral encumbrance, which further minimizes the layout of the containers, already simple and linear, and lends a perception of extreme lightness."