Small tables. Legs in black lacquered beech. Medium density fiberboard top, covered with silk-screened Print laminate, with “papier” finish. Exclusive decoration in two versions: black dots on white top or white dots on black top.


From design to product

A family of tables in three different sizes, characterised by only essential lines and balanced proportions. The laminated tops convey volume, adorned by the exclusive hand-made design by Pierre Charpin, and supported by four cylindrical legs. An expanse of repeating spots at semi-regular intervals gives the surface a simple but compelling rhythm. The tables can be used separately or combined at will from the heights and colour combinations available.

“J’ai cherché à donner vie à cette surface, pour qu’elle devienne présence sensible, quigarde en elle toute la vibration, l’humanité du dessin fait à la main.” (Pierre Charpin)