Design Emaf Progetti - 2009

Small table. Chromium-plated steel frame or painted in the shade of graphite. Honeycomb wood top veneered with natural oak or made of canaletto walnut brushed and finished with natural varnish.

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Pure geometry

Oliver coffee table, design Emaf Progetti: pleasant and discrete appearance, it can practically complete both the living and sleeping areas. The formal and component combination is pure geometry and the materials were taken from the best modern tradition: a steel continuous structure and finished oak, wengé or natural Canaletto walnut.

This is the natural evolution of the project for the night table Oscar, whose drawer has been replaced with a wooden shelf. Oliver presents the shape of a basic coffee table, but the choice of special wood endows it with richly decorative features: strongly veined Canaletto walnut with several changing hues. Highly contrasting, miscellaneously sized sheets of wood veneer have been intentionally chosen and placed alongside to make the most of evident natural imperfections, while enhancing the item’s original uniqueness. The material’s natural features have been further spotlighted by a special brushing process that opens wood pores to create a velvet feel.