Design Damian Williamson - 2016

Monobloc, modular sofas and pouf. Polished or black painted aluminum alloy feet or covered with cowhide pigmentato90. Steel frame. Elastic strips suspension. Backrest and seat upholstered in graduated polyurethane/heat-bound polyester fibre. Removable cover in fabric or leather.The sofa can be equipped with cushions upholstered in polyurethane/Dacron Du Pont or in goose down – 100% pure material. Upon request the sewing edge of the armrest, backrest and cushions is available in dark grey grosgrain.

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From design to product

The sensation of an enveloping embrace relished in a relaxing situation. This is the evocative image that inspired the designer in conceptualising a sofa whose intent is instinctively intuited: the continuity of overlapping horizontal bands defining the armrests and backrest, integrating structure and stuffing, with a slight inclination that indulges the body and provides ample support even without cushions, the backrest and seat returning to easily accessible and harmonious proportions.

“The complete collection of modular sofas has been developed with great care and attention to detail. The most evident aspect is the limited utilisation of visible stitching, in favour of covering exteriors carefully folded around the stuffing. The generous and slightly ‘puffy’ volumes seem to fluctuate above the aluminium alloy legs, engineered to support the structure. The slender feet have been designed with a minimalist touch so as to draw focus on the soft body above.”