Monobloc and modular sofas. Graphite painted aluminium alloy feet. Wooden seat frame. Elastic strips suspension. Steel backrest and armrests. Seat upholstered with graduated polyurethane/ heat-bound polyester fibre. Backrest and armrests upholstered with self-extinguishing polyurethane foam/heat-bound polyester fibre. Removable fabric or leather cover.

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Like an island, a nest, where to live, share, take refuge and feel at home

A confidential and discreet product that enters life and adapts to the needs of those who use it, bringing empathy and emotion into people's lives. Details found in the double stitched seams, in the curves that form the cushions and armrests, adapted for resting the neck and back during relaxation.

A sofa made of few components: a base, two feet and three soft cushions to create a cocooning and welcoming effect.

An island in which to take refuge, to read, work, talk with friends or be with the whole family.

A place to be yourself, in a cuddle, in a gesture of affection.