Sanmarco 2570

Design Gae Aulenti - 1984

Table. Demountable frame in white or black colour painted steel. Top in plate glass, clear or black painted, or in extra- clear tempered plate glass painted white.


From design to product

A special place in the large corpus of projects realised by Gae Aulenti was occupied for at least twenty years by design. A context in which the student of Ernesto Nathan Rogers has always shown an almost congenital elegance in her every action: the one who designed the severe Sanmarco table, the one who spoke of living in her own world, and a behaviour that did not follow popular standards, but consisted of ever-changing actions in which we rediscover original experimentation with construction (for example the removable steel structure based on and derived, through a process of simplification, from the one made entirely of extruded aluminium with die-cast joints, the model Festo designed 15 years earlier), and her ability to change languages confidently, evolving from rationalism to the correct use of the technology and materials of the time, and finally reaching a clearly “Hi-Tech” style.