Design Damian Williamson - 2012, 2013

Table. For the model 2524 legs in polished aluminium alloy or varnished grey with tempered clear plate glass top covered in acrylic finish cement with protective titanium dioxide, nanotech stain-resistant treatment. For the model 2525 legs in polished aluminium alloy or painted white or black. Tempered clear plate glass top.

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From design to product

Slender, elegant forms seem to be part of the identity of this young, talented designer from London, spotted very early on in his career by Zanotta. Twenty years after Less by Jean Nouvel, unanimously acclaimed as the ultimate, archetypal table owing its minimal, light and technological innovation, Damian Williamson tried to develop something similar, adaptable to every circumstance and with a minimum visual impact without forgoing the recognisable mark of the designer. His elegant solution, Spillo has an aluminium-alloy leg, both curved and solid at the same time, and a thin top finished with a sheet of tempered plate glass. Less minimal is the custom-designed ‘material’ version, which has an imperceptible layer of cement protected with an acrylic finish, which harmonises perfectly with more contemporary trends.

The Spillo table which is noteworthy for its pure, essential line, and its minimal assembly system. The slender legs are fixed to stainless steel plates attached under the top with a UV polymerization gluing process, already experimented by Zanotta in 1971 for the production of the Marcuso table. The result is notable stability combined with lightness and elegance of form.
Larte Restaurant, Milan.