Mobility Wizard

He is always on the move, using alternative, eco-sustainable means to get around, and never without his earphones and action camera. It's a lifestyle that demands a home that accommodates his times and his mobility. 1600x1200 persone.jpg
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Zanotta stories

A story about contemporary spaces and ways of living, from contemporary collections to iconic products that have become part of the collective consciousness. Spaces become fluid in order to favour experience and introduce innovative languages for sharing. 

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Zanotta comes to life within the historic excise building at Piazza XXV Aprile in Milan with an ironic and light vision of the present time, of its characters and their living places. In an exhibition, designed by Studio Calvi and Brambilla, that unfolds room by room, Zanotta products accompany the stories and everyday lives of the personalities, forming the domestic backdrop to their various different lifestyles. Exploring the evocative, emotionally engaging exhibition, which looks onto the piazza, visitors will be able to identify with their own relationship with memory, food, technology, history, love and the future.