Quaderna 2750

设计 Superstudio - 1969-1972

书桌 漆面层压木结构,白色设计,点缀轴距为 3 厘米的方格数码印纹。可抽出式抽屉可隐藏于柜面下,抽屉隔间采用黑色防刮压纹漆木制成。

Quaderna scrittoio_SDM 2022-prw02

The Seventies were years of transition and rethinking, but also of visionary utopia which revolutionised parameters, thinking, styles and perspectives. With it's story, Quaderna represents the utopia of those years. The radical movement attempts to "gobeyond the disciplinary aspect of design, that is to say the re-composition of contradictions at formal level, destroying... the usual image of the product"1. The result is a vanguard style which provokes, on the one hand, and creates stimuli for the contemporary world, on the other. “Radical design” openly confuted not just the status of design, but the entire social context in which designers worked. An explicit criticism of the rigid and dogmatic functionalism of the academy, against which the movement wished to be seen as a liberating vision of life and design.