Dan 2073 - 2074

设计 Patrick Norguet
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户外座椅。 户外专用漆面304不锈钢结构, 铁灰色或哑光黑色。 座椅和靠背由聚酯纤维弹性带制成,有黄色、麻色、炭灰色和蓝色。 Zanotta徽标印饰在座椅背部外侧下方弹力带。 按需可在座椅背部外侧上方弹力带定制印花图案。

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An evolving seating concept

“Dan is more than a chair, it is an evolving seating concept.” Patrick Norguet

The chair with or without arms designed by Patrick Norguet and launched in 2020, with its coloured elastic strap structure, is now also available in an outdoors version to confirm its identity as ideal for both the home and contract applica-tions. The folded Stainless steel 304 frame, consisting of simple members without screws which are quick and easy to assemble and take apart, is available painted in matt iron grey or black for outdoor. The seat and back are made of elastic straps stretched directly on the frame. The straps themselves are the outcome of research into automotive technology, and offer high performance in terms of resilience, strength and comfort.

2074 Dan outdoor_800x1200