Quaderna 656

设计 Superstudio - 1972-2022

茶几。 漆面层压木结构,白色设计,点缀轴距为 3 厘米的方格数码印纹。

Quaderna tavolino_SDM 2022-prw01

In 1969 the Superstudio group was working on the “Istogrammi”: objects built on the basis of a spatial mesh with an orthogonal pattern, adaptable to various scales, from design to town planning, hence the famous “Monumento continuo” (Continuous Monument). A sort of “Artificial landscape” that can be extended at will, like a large network, “connecting” everything. The theory of the Istogrammi led to the theory of an infinite world of objects yet to be invented that range from the pure flat surface,to the item of furniture, to architecture.