Willie Landels


Between the 1960s and ‘70s the European design culture went through a season of concentrated creativity, which from swinging London marked a radical turning point for the way of living.
Here an extraordinary designer, Willie Landels, designed and made a ready-made sofa in polyurethane material for his home way ahead of the times.

It was 1965 and Aurelio Zanotta, always on the look-out for new ideas and shapes, discovered it and put it into production. Throw-Away (referring to its low cost and the new material it was made of) was to be the first sofa in history to be without a load-bearing structure, a “boned” piece. Made up of four foam polyurethane blocks glued to each other, Throw-Away became one of the symbols of the free and informal living utopia of the day, and was to start off a succession of legendary experiments in perfect Pop style: the inflatable PVC armchair Blow (’67) and Sacco, stuffed with foam polystyrene (’68).

(note: the product Blow mentioned in this article has been discontinued)