Zanotta House New York

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A house to live

New York, Lower West Side Manhattan: 23 Cornelia Street in Greenwich Village is 5-storey brick building declared “landmark” by the Municipality of New York City. Now it is Zanotta House New York, a house to live, a place of meeting and relationship that feeds on stories, skills and passion. The house is the way our company has chosen to tell its story in the different functions and ways of living. The house is the historical dimension of Zanotta, that has always expressed the continuous evolution of life.

The interior project, curated by Alessia Genova, Managing Partner of Tihany Design firm, has enhanced the spaces to make guests live the experience of use and understand the meaning of the furnishings.
A house equipped with all services and with every comfort where partners, architects and friends can live Zanotta products and furnishing solutions through a real experience

Zanotta thus experiments with new forms of relationship and representation: it focuses on people in a place to live together, in an informal and private atmosphere, where it translates the transformations taking place, and anticipates the new trends of living. Inclusivity and flexibility, empathy and authenticity are discovered in the different environments of the big house. Furnishing solutions imagined around the person and his needs to encourage development and discussion on current issues of living and on the relationship between home and city, between public and private, between work and leisure, between indoor and outdoor.

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